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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

the anti catholic independent newspaper group discovers the sanctity of life

As part of its new corporate strategy to curry favour with Catholic people and Christians, the irreligious invidiously anti Catholic Independent Newspaper group has published its first pro life articles in defence of the unborn child this week.
The first such articles in living memory I mean.
I do recall an Evening Herald (part of the Independent group) contributor writing in defence of the unborn child back in the 1980s.
He later died in a plane crash.
I urge you to reject the anti Catholic Irish Independent's new strategy of currying favour with Catholics in order to salve its collapsed readership.
I would remind those few innocents or infiltrators from the Pro Life Movement who have accepted the Irish Independent's overtures that in doing so they are betraying all those priests and nuns and Christians generally against whom the Irish Independent has waged a forty year Culture War.
You are also betraying the unborn children whose murder the Irish Independent has championed via its four decades long campaign in favour of abortion.
I would remind all my Christian readers, and any other honorable citizens of Ireland who happen to be passing, that in acquiesing to the Irish Independent's dishonorable and mendacious attempts to pose Catholic, you are aggrandising two neo feudal robber baron criminals and their odious would be neo feudal never done a day's work in their lives families, to wit its proprietors Tony O'Reilly and mobile phone super thief Denis O'Brien and their Cocaine addicted anti Catholic Little Lord Fauntleroy progeny.
They would make us their farm animals.
That is all.


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