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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

an open letter to david quinn token catholic at the anti catholic irish independent newspaper

You wrote recently in the anti Catholic Irish Independent newspaper that some individuals who had posted a video on the Youtube website assessing some of the more ludicrous behaviours of followers of the prophet Muhammed, were merely trouble makers.
Your assessment of the individuals seems to have been based on nothing more than the fact that in response to their video on the Youtube website, Muslims all over the world rioted and killed innocent people.
So you David Quinn, in your wisdom, have concluded that the individuals who posted the video on Youtube (both of whom have far more direct experience of Muslims than you have had) are trouble makers simply because in warning about the violent and psychotic tendencies of Muslims, they found themselves used by Muslims as one of those periodic excuses that Muslims like to cite, for Muslims' recurrent rapes, murders, riots and sundry other atrocities worldwide.
(The rapes reference relates in particular to the recent case in France where a liberal court released gang rapist Muslims into the community with a slap on the wrist for torturing women and raping them half to death as part of a rites of passage rape ritual that Muslim males in France use called La Tournante.)
Tell me Quinn.
Muslims in Pakistan has just shot and wounded a 14 year old girl called Malia Iussufzai.
They shot her in the head Quinn.
They shot some of her friends too as they tried to get at her.
Her crime was to advocate on her own internet blog in favour of education for girls.
She has been driven from Pakistan and will probably never return home.
Pakistan is a Muslim country which has enough money to build a massive arsenal of nuclear weapons but can't afford to build flood defences for the annual monsoons which devastate the country.
During last year's flood which may have killed a few hundred Pakistanis, United Nations Secretary General Banki Moon falsely and incompetently claimed that the floods in Pakistan were "the worst natural disaster in human history," and went on to direct billions of dollars of international funding to help the Muslims of Pakistan maintain their nuclear missiles while building a grand total of nought flood defences.
This misplaced funding from the international community amounts to cruel and unusual punishment for the children and people of Pakistan.
Because international aid money moderates the suffering of the people of Pakistan just enough, so that the monstrous Islamist Muslims who enslave them can continue to say: "Look! Life with us ain't so bad."
Tell me Quinn.
Tell me you evil Tony O'Reilly worshipping  bast--d.
Is Malia Iussufzai just another trouble maker?
James Healy


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