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Saturday, November 03, 2012

irish justice

Sean Quinn, the mafisoso terrorist linked superthief, who used his gangster associates at Anglo Irish Bank, of which bank he owned a full quarter share, to burgle every household in Ireland by making us liable through his political contact the late Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan, (only ever on time when signing the Irish people up to paying Sean Quinn's thirty billoin dollar ruined bank debts), has been jailed for a grand total of nine weeks. Sean Quinn's thug thief son also called Sean has been released from jail where he spent a few weeks in contempt of court. Sean Junior had been sequestering the Quinn family's stolen assets with Russian gangsters overseas in defiance of a court order. He was released without purging his contempt of court, ie without paying the money back or giving the court details of who exactly had it. Sean Quinn Senior's nephew Peter Quinn is currently hiding out in Northern Ireland after a court order mandated his arrest for similar activities.

Paul Begley, a hard working family man who had a quarrel with the revenue collectors about the tax rate on garlic, is languishing in jail for six years.


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