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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

is ireland a mafia state

The Chief of Police of the Republic of Ireland recently spoke out about the presence of at least 25 crime gangs operating across the country.
I thought he rather understated the case.
The Commish is at ease warning us about Russian and Chinese rackateers.
He was a little disingenuous in failing to mention Ibrahim Buwissir (aka the Boo Whizzer) and his Al Qaeda outfit.
What is most terrifying about these Muslim murderers and their accomplices in Russian mafias and Chinese triads, is that they have now decided to work together in subverting the countries where they do business.
The Muslims have laid aside their traditional contempt for infidels of every stripe and hue, and temporarily at least, have joined forces with the other gangster lowlife who are currently draining the lifeblood out of Ireland.
Muslim subversion of the Republic occasionally comes into plain view.
A few years ago an Algerian Muslim Al Qaeda murderer beat an Irish teenager to death on Grafton Street with a baseball bat.
This was a deliberately eye catching murder.
This murder was intended to send out the message to the people of Dublin, and to the array of crime gangs present there, that nobody but nobody messes with the Mussies.
The Algerian Muslim Al Qaeda murderer initially fled the country.
But he was informed by his accomplices in Al Qaeda that they had purchased a Judge and so he could safely return.
A corrupt Irish Judge then threw the case out of court by accepting the testimony of the accomplices of the Algerian Muslim Al Qaeda murderer that the Irish teenager whom the Algerian Muslim Al Qaeda murderer had murdered, had said something racist to the Algerian Muslim Al Qaeda murderer.
An interesting point of law there.
Ireland doesn't have a death penalty.
But in cases where Muslims lie on the witness stand about their murder victims, the Muslims themelves will be permitted by a Judge Liberal who has been bribed  by those Muslims and or their murdering Chinese and or their murdering Russian rackateer accomplices to impose the death penalty on an Irish teenager using baseball bats.
Hoo baby.
That's democracy I suppose.
Wouldn't want to risk being racist to critique this sort of thing.
So the younger generation of scum Mussie terrorists and the younger generation of scum Chinese Triads and the younger generation of scum Russian mafiosi are finally working together with the younger generation of indigenous scum Irish hoodlums on an ambitious project to turn the rest of us into their farm animals.
They're buying politicians, Judges and police officers.
Occasionally one of their political accomplices who knows too much gets bumped off.
Anyone remember Irish parliamentarian Liam Lawlor's death in a car accident in Moscow?
Mob hit.
Anyone remember the sudden death of Irish Finance Minister Brian Lenihan from galloping cancer?
Mob hit.
(Lenihan had looted the Irish treasury to bail out Anglo Irish Bank a collapsed gangster bank on behalf of the Russian mafia who were systematically burglarising Anglo through corruptly obtained loans furnished by their accomplices in Anglo management Sean Fitzpatrick and David Drumm, and through Anglo's 25 percent shareholder Sean Quinn and his odious rackateering IRA family who were themselves the recipients and conduits of corruptly obtained multi billion dollar loans from Anglo which the Russians bagged and laundered with gay abandon. Sean Quinn bought his 25 percent of Anglo using yet more billions of dollars corruptly lent to him without security by Sean Fitzpatrick and David Drumm from the bank all three and their families and their accomplices and the Russian mafia and their cat Tiddles were systematically burglarising through the dispensing to themselves of precisely such invidious loans. Most of the billions lent to Sean Quinn were laundered through the same Russian mafia. Yes. By forcing the Irish people to bail out Anglo, Lenihan signed us all up to paying in perpetuity the debts of the Russian mafia. And Lenihan knew where the bodies were buried. Ironically he is now one of the bodies. The Russian mafia repaid him precisely the same way they repay everyone who sells them their soul. Note well: The favoured assassination technique of Russian mobsters is to induce galloping cancer in their targets by the surreptitious administration of the Polonium Ninety radioactive isotope.)
Anyone remember Former Prime Minister Albert Reynolds' receipt of million dollar bribes from Muslim terrorists in return for Irish passports?
Reynolds is still alive, ie he hasn't yet been the victim of a mob hit by his Muslim and or Russian paymasters.
Interestingly enough his daughter Leonie is a High Court Judge.
(And the late treasury looting Finance Minister Brian Lenihan's wife Patricia is a Circuit Court Judge.)
But for the country the whole Albert Reynolds selling of passports to Muslim terrorists fiasco is just another mob hit.
A hit on all of us.
Ireland is becoming a Narco State before our eyes.
We have to fight these thuggish Islamists and their Russian and Chinese and Irish scum acolytes.
We will have to fight them or surrender to their Islam.
They have not given us any other choice.
The wars of the future will be mafia.


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