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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the attacks on benedict groeschel

Chatting with Miriam Dubois over coffee.
She's a prayer woman.
I began waxing poetical about one of my heroes a broadcaster called Father Benedict Groeschel.
She said: "James, haven't you heard?"
"Heard what?"
"He's been taken off the air."
"He said in an interview that sometimes in sex abuse cases involving a teenager and a priest, the teenager had in fact seduced the priest. How could he say it? Is his mind gone?"
I considered briefly the salient issues before replying.
"You do know that these days some teenagers are actually committing murder, don't you?" I said after a moment. "I mean quite a lot of them. I mean we've had teenagers bursting into their own schools at Columbine and elsewhere, and shooting down a dozen human beings just for the hell of it. Teenagers executing other children. We've had children and teenagers organisating bullying rings and targeting individual children and adults via the internet and other methods of harassment with the express purpose of driving them to suicide. Yes I think any of these bullies and bullying rings who drive someone to suicide should be facing murder charges. Because that's what these kids are doing. Committing murder. Even in Ireland we've had eight and ten year olds in County Cork, for crying out loud, sexually abusing three year olds. Now I ask you. Do you really think that there's no such thing as a teenage seducer?"


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