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Friday, November 30, 2012

yankee joe

"I heard that an Indian woman died because she couldn't get an abortion in Ireland," my cousin Yankee Joe informed me in a challenging tone.
"That's not what happened," quoth me.
"What happened then?"
"An Indian woman died. Nobody knows how she died because her husband is still refusing to release her medical records. On her death her husband claimed that if she'd had an abortion she'd still be alive. But he wouldn't let anyone see her medicals records. Instead he went straight to some abortion activist groups and with their friends in the Irish Times and Independent Newspapers and elsewhere, he allowed his wife's death to be hijacked as the linchpin of a new campaign for the legalisation of abortion in Ireland. And a month later he's still refusing to release her medical records. He and his abortion activist friends have falsely accused the Irish nation and the Catholic Church of killing his wife. And he's still refusing to release the medical records that would tell us precisely how and why she died. A month later no one knows how or why she died. Her husband has an awful lot of explaining to do. As do the bankrupt atheistic abortionist anti Catholic Irish Times and Irish Independent newspapers who have helped him propagate a thoroughly vile and invidious campaign to introduce abortion into Ireland."


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