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Saturday, April 06, 2013

the news

Here is the news.
Every twenty years  or so in Ireland, some gangster announces that he has found oil off the western seaboard.
The gangster du jour thus obtains billions of dollars in public money from our useless and subverted government.
Members of the public are additionally gypped by a cadre of corrupt banks and stock brokers who with criminal mendacity and malice aforethought, advice ordinary citizens to put their retirement funds and other lump sum cash savings into the worthless oil shares issued by the gangster in question.
Everyone loses their money.
Except the gangster who has been paying himself and his family and his mistresses and his cat Tiddles, executive salaries out of all the investment capital his accomplices in government, the banks and the stock brokers have dishonestly persuaded honorable citizens to divvy up.
It's the perfect blag.
But these characters can only pull it off about once every twenty years.
It takes that long for people to forget the last time they were bankrupted by a criminal conspiracy disguised as an oil exploration company.
The family name of the gangsters claiming to find oil off our coast is inevitably O'Reilly.
The first name of the given member of the O'Reilly family may change.
In the 1980's, it was a certain Tony O'Reilly who impoverished a broad age range of Irish citizens, to wit a youthful generation of honorable potential entrepreneurs and a retirement age generation of decent elderly folk who were all equally gypped by the same Tony O'Reilly whose so called oil exploration company announced astonishing preliminary results from some oil prospect where of course no oil was.
The people got rode.
The O'Reillys got BMW's.
(And mansions and private islands and cocaine, the poor hoors. I wouldn't wish cocaine on my worst enemy. Which the O'Reillys very nearly are.)
The bankruptcy of the citizens of Ireland whose funds were invested by the corrupt government, stockbrokers and banks of this country in a worthless gangster shell company styling itself with malign mendacious optimism Atlantic Resources, that bankruptcy I say, did at least keep the O'Reilly family in pin money, providing as I've noted above, BMW's, islands, etc etc, for their wives, mistresses and cats Tiddles.
To be quite clear.
I am saying that the chief fake oil exploration company gangster of the 1980's was Tony O'Reilly.
And this year's gangster is called Gavin O'Reilly.
Ah yes.
The conjobs of the father will be visited upon the peasantry by the conjobs of the son.
That old gag.
Gavin O'Reilly's fake exploration company is called Providence Resources.
This week the O'Reillys are announcing in their bankrupt Irish Independent newspaper, that they have found oil off the coast of Ireland.
I would counsel the entire human race to take any such announcement from any company with any such link to the O'Reillys, with a pinch of salt.
Here's an idea,
Just once, let's all tell the O'Reillys to get lost.
I mean, tell em to get lost in the one way that really matters, ie by establishing a political party which they do not own and which does not serve their interests and which will not allow the Irish people or nation to ever again be reduced to the level of farm animals merely to keep hideous saville row suit wearing scruff like the O'Reillys in the style to which they have become accustomed.
I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns.
Let's not let our current corrupt national socialist Fine Gael Labour Party combo government, fresh from closing Ireland's embassy to the Vatican, seizing Catholic Church run schools, instructing Irish pharmacies to give abortion pills to children no questions asked and right this moment introducing legislation to compel Irish doctors to perform abortions in Irish hospitals, let's not let this shower I tells ee, remortgage our nation in order to borrow additional billions of dollars against all our futures or impose every skyrocketting levels of taxation on Irish households, merely to finance the O'Reillys latest fake oil exploration company or their collapsed newspaper group, or their BMW's, or their islands, or their cocaine, or the lifestyles of their wives, or their mistresses or their cats Tiddles.


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