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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

what the fbi missed in the run up to the al qaeda attack on boston

I was in Boston for the month of February.
During that time I was routinely followed by Muslims attempting to intimidate or otherwise harass me.
I have grown accustomed to this attention in Dublin though this was the first time I had experienced such activity overseas.
In mid February while in Boston I sent an email to the FBI.
I wrote to the station chief at the FBI public office in Boston whose publically issued name is Richard Deslauriers, telling him I was a little known Irish journalist who had attracted the attention of Muslims involved in terrorism.
Richard Deslauriers is a cover name used by the FBI office to give the public the impression of dealing with a real individual.
I notified the FBI station chief in Boston, through an email to his alias Richard Deslauriers, that I believed I was being followed in Boston by Boston based Muslim terrorists and their associates.
I noted that the Muslim terrorist associates who had approached me on the streets in an attempt to put me in fear, included people both of Irish American appearance and of Chinese appearance which implied to me what I have already suggested elsewhere that Al Qaeda is now working with Irish mobsters and Chinese Triads along with other crime cartels in carrying out people trafficking, drug dealing and terrorist activities.
(In Ireland the Chinese gangsters who followed me on behalf of their Muslim associates were using the cover of a company styled The Yudong Refrigeration company. One of their more visible thugs in the Dublin area worked at least up until last July as a toilet attendant in the Ilac Shopping Centre on Henry Street.)
I suggested to the FBI station chief in Boston that if he wished to identify Muslims engaged in terror activities in the United States he could do worse than arrange some sort of sting operation involving monitoring my movements and watching for whoever else shows up.
I forwarded the registration number of a car containing a Chinese woman and another individual which had staked out my apartment in Boston on the night of Saturday 2nd February 2013.
That registration number is 718 LC2 and is on Massachusetts plates.
I wrote that I would meet the FBI station chief at any time or place of his choosing if he wished to establish my bona fides or the bona fides of what I was alleging.
I sent a similar email to the CIA at Langley, cross referenced with the information that I had already informed the FBI office in Boston of my assertions about current terrorist activity in Boston.
I did this so that the two agencies, should their agents bother to check their emails, would be aware that I had notified them both.
I also sent a third email with similar details to the commentator Mark Steyn.
The email to Mark Steyn was what I called a Hail Mary play.
There were no replies to my emails.
It must have been so comical for them.
A little blogger who thinks the Mussies are out to get him.
Ha ha ha.
Yesterday Al Qaeda bombed Boston.
Less than a month since I had attempted to warn the FBI about Al Qaeda harassment activities being undertaken by readily identifiable Muslims and their Chinese and Irish American associates in the same city
I was not surprised.
I am going to ring the American Embassy in Dublin tomorrow and ask to speak to their security section.
I wonder will they take my call.


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