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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

who bombed boston

1. Al Qaeda bombed Boston.

2. Al Qaeda is a worldwide Muslim terror army intent on enslaving and or wiping out humanity.

3. Al Qaeda is the modern incarnation of the cult of the assassins which has dominated all strands of Islamic culture and society for fourteen hundred years.

4. Al Qaeda is assisted in the Boston area by Irish American mobsters, Chinese Triads and others.

5. Internationally Al Qaeda has come down off its Arab high horse, swallowed its Islamic pride, and sought to create pragmatic working relationships with other global and regional criminal entities. This Al Qaeda outreach programme to the scum of the earth includes ongoing relationships with vestigial communist terror groups in Europe and South America, along with drug dealing rackateers from Africa and Asia. Al Qaeda's international working relationships now include direct liaison and cooperation with the communist drug dealing terrorists of the Columbian FARC, with the South American narco murder gang MS13, with the communist Basque Separatists ETA in Spain, and of course with the drug dealing political Marxian mobsters and associated splinter groups of the IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY, normally styled the IRA in both Ireland and the United States of America. The links to ETA, the FARC and the IRA are at least ten years old. My analysis is that Al Qaeda also has a functional relationship with the various Italian Mafias, (Cosa Nostra, Ndrangheta, Santa Coronita Unita, et al) and with Russian and Nigerian people trafficking Mafias. It should be noted that the fact that Muslims are currently working with all these criminal organisations in people trafficking and drug dealing activities, will not prevent those same Muslims from murdering their putative allies and bombing their countries to smithereens, as soon as the Muslims consider it expedient to do so in pursuit of Jihad, ie whenever the mood takes them.

5. Let me be clear. Al Qaeda's specific relationship with Irish American mobsters in Boston has been created to assist Al Qaeda in its above mentioned people trafficking and drug distribution activities.

6. I would advise the Irish American people of Boston to hold any Irish American gangsters equally culpable with Al Qaeda in this week's attempted Islamic mass murder on the streets of Boston.

7. I would advise the Irish gangsters themselves that each and every time you collude with Muslims in criminal activity you merely make more certain the day when the Muslims will bomb you and your communities.

8. No country that has permitted a figure in excess of ten thousand Muslims to in migrate, has escaped mass casualty terrorism.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about Canada?
Canada has permitted the in migration of more than ten thousand Muslims and yet has escaped the mass casualty terrorism you warn about.
Avid Fan

7:47 PM  
Blogger heelers said...

Canadian police are constantly fishing dead Muslim women out of the rivers of the far north. These women have been murdered by their fathers, brothers and uncles for supposedly offending against Islam. I include them as victims of mass casualty terrorism.
They are human beings and entitled to something better than Islamic slavery.
The lone Muslim gunman who massacred female university students in Canada some years ago is also an example.
More recently, the intercepted Al Qaeda plot to occupy the Canadian parliament and behead Canada's elected representatives is a further example of the same old Islamist aberation, no less real for being prevented from happening.

7:53 PM  

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