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Sunday, May 26, 2013

archie unchained

Archbishop Django Martin has thrown some interesting shapes during the present campaign by Ireland's atheistic Fine Gael Labour Party government to legalise the murder of unborn children through abortion.
As a supposedly Catholic Archbishop, Archie would normally be required to oppose abortion in all its forms.
But as a Soviet era infiltrator of the Church, and would be leader of the Church in Ireland, his position on matters of such high principle might be expected to be a little bit more nuanced.
So, no surprises this week when Archie issued a public rebuke to Cardinal Sean Brady the actual head of the Catholic Church in Ireland for Cardinal Brady's honorable and clearcut stance on abortion.
Cardinal Brady had warned that any politician legalising abortion would be excommunicating himself from the Christian faith and should therefore not present himself for Communion in Catholic Churches.
On foot of the Cardinal's principled stand, Archie ran to the Irish Times and Independent Newspapers, viz the most anti Catholic media groups in Europe, to warn against any Church leader politicising the Communion ritual.
(Viz is a scurrilously sexist English magazine and has nothing to do with anything. Although some of its most vulgar story serials actually have a tither of wit to them. - Rod note.)
Archie, a miserable little guttersnipe shleeveen Archbishop from Dublin, the man who would be king, accused Cardinal Sean Brady, the Primate of All Ireland, of politicising the Communion ceremony simply because Cardinal Brady had dared to speak out in defence of unborn babies.
Well, well, well.
Words fail me.
Normally Archbishop Diarmuid Martin contents himself with using the Irish Times and Independent Newspapers to falsely label Cardinal Brady as a concealer of child abuse.
Perhaps this time he really has gone too far.


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