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Thursday, May 16, 2013

was there any possible underhand motive for rupert murdock's news international proprietors of sky news the sun and the times of london to label the deceased broadcaster jimmy saville a paedophile

1. Rupert Murdock and his News International media group have been caught bribing British politicians, routinely subverting the police force, and hacking into the mobile phones of murdered school girls.

2. Rupert Murdock owns Sky News, the Sun newspaper and the Times of London. He also has a controlling interest in the Wall Street Journal and the Fox television station in America.

3. On discovering that Rupert Murdock's media organisation had been routinely bribing politicians, senior police officers and others, the British parliament mandated a public enquiry into Rupert Murdock, his family and their media businesses.

4. The public enquiry, styled the Leveson Enquiry after Lord Leveson who was leading it, threatened the very existence of Rupert Murdock's media empire.

5. It has become clear to a growing number of people that Rupert Murdock and his family should not be allowed to own anything.

6. The Leveson Enquiry threatened to bring in focus public concerns about the exponential power Rupert Murdock and his family wielded through their media group. For the first time there was a real chance News International could be broken up under anti trust legislation.

7. Rupert Murdock and News International, in particular those earnest voiced poseurs on Sky News, needed to distract public attention from their own egregious improprieties.

8. They needed something big.

9. The initially tenuous allegations against Jimmy Saville were floated by the bankrupt Daily Mirror and a near viewerless television station styled ITV. Rupert Murdock does not appear to own these.

10. Rupert Murdock's media empire has become increasingly coalescent and cooperative with media groups he does not own. The Daily Mirror is regularly given free promotional air time on Sky News evening slots, with Mirror Group executives and journalists guesting as commentators on Sky News programmes. I suggest that this open cooperation between Rupert Murdock and his supposed competitors is indicative of deeper levels of cooperation.

11. Although the initial fishing expedition against Jimmy Saville was floated through the Daily Mirror and ITV, the presumption of guilt for Jimmy Saville was propagated primarily through Rupert Murdock's Sun newspaper, through his Times of London, and through his Sky News.

12. As the weakness of the initial wave of allegations were exposed by bloggers on the internet (I mean me) a police officer announced without evidence that Jimmy Saville was the worst child abuser in British history. I suggest that there is real concern, given Rupert Murdock's routine bribing of police officers, that this police officer was acting in the interests of Rupert Murdock and News International.

13. It is reasonable to postulate that the labelling by bankrupt British media groups of Jimmy Saville as a paedophile was corporate strategy by Rupert Murdock and his News International empire.

14. In any case, I assert that Rupert Murdock and his media entites are morally and legally unfit to conduct show trials of anyone, innocent or guilty, and should not be permitted to do so.

15. Thank you for your time.


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