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Thursday, July 25, 2013

ode to brenda power

(after yet another of her exquisite denunciations of social welfare recipients)

Shall I compare thee to an unemployed person
Oh Brenda Power
Thou art indeed far less gainfully employed
For you are a contributor to the bankrupt Daily Mail,
Whose Irish edition owes bankrupt gangster banks a hundred and fifty million dollars
And whose British edition owes bankrupt gangster banks a billion dollars
And both of whose editions are refusing to pay their debts to bankrupt gangster banks
And are hence being kept afloat like the bankrupt gangster banks
Which have gone bankrupt lending money to the Daily Mail
By government largesse
I kid you not
Here is the news
You Brenda Power are unemployed
You are in receipt of social welfare benefit
Though far less honourably so
Than those who admit they are unemployed
You are not fit to tie up the shoe laces of the unemployed
Because the unemployed claim a modest stipend in order to live
But you bankrupt a nation
Merely in order to pose as something you call a journalist
Something for whose talent, abilities, insights and comments on the unemployed
There is no public demand or interest or market

Shall I compare thee to the Unemployed
Oh Brenda Power
Thou art indeed far less temperate
And wait a minute
You also "work" for Rupert Murdock's bankrupt Sunday Times
(As well as the Daily Mail)
You "work" for Rupert Murdoch
And you criticising the unemployed
Is like
A member of the Mafia
Criticising anybody
I mean
Rupert Murdock's News International Corporation
Has just been caught red handed
Routinely bribing the police
Routinely subverting politicians and parliament
Routinely hacking into the mobile phones of murdered British schoolgirls
Routinely hacking into everyone else's mobile phone
Routinely sleeping with the British Prime Minister
(Ah Heelers I gave him a horse. - Rebekkah Wade note)
(Now who's being naïve. - Heelers note)
So again
Basically when you "work" for Rupert Murdoch
You're working for something
On a lower moral plane
Than the Mafia
Hoo baby
That puts you in a unique position
To not be a judge of anything
Least of all
Of those of us
Who are formally unemployed
Because of the economic malfeasance
Of one or other or all
Of your "employers"
Seriously though

Shall I  compare thee to an unemployed person
Oh Brenda Power
For you were never unemployed
You may have spent ten years
At State subsidised educational facilities
Studying to be something you call a barrister
And you never even worked a day in Starbucks
You were too good to make coffee with the other barristers
So your ten years of subsidised dating
Set you up nicely for "jobs" with newspapers
That no one reads
But all of us subsidise through
The aforementioned Murdoch and the Daily Mail's corruption
Of our governments and our banks
This is a perfect world
All of us
Get to subsidise your sex life at college
Where do I sign up for that
Shall I compare thee to an unemployed person
I won't
For the least among the unemployed
Is more honourable
More noble
And works harder


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