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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the beast must die

The bankrupt Irish Independent Newspaper has this week attempted to reinvent itself as a newspaper-with-readers by publishing tapes of Irish bankers plotting to rob the nation blind. The following considerations may be of interest.

1. Today's Irish Independent devoted its first seven pages to the tapes of Anglo Irish Bank's criminal management plotting to asset strip Ireland in order to cover up their burglarisation of their own bank.

2. A further two pages of today's Irish Independent featured a splash ad for the Irish Independent itself. The ad was based on a representation of the Irish Independent as a critical examiner of the behaviour of corrupt Irish banks and politicians. Specifically one half of the ad was a photograph of a presumably cancelled design for a children's hospital while the other page of the ad featured a photograph of Anglo Irish Bank's Dublin premises. The implication was that the Irish Independent was serving the public interest by highlighting the decision by politicians to throw tens of billions of dollars away in concealing Anglo's burglarisation of itself, money which would have been better spent on hospitals.

3. Today's Irish Independent also featured an editorial column on the Anglo Irish Bank debacle.

4. Today's Irish Independent carried a further page sized article about other banks, suggesting they had treated the Irish people with contempt in upping their charges while the latest Anglo story was unfurling.

5. Any notion that the Irish Independent is defending the public interest against the corrupt banks is romantic in the extreme.

6. Independent Newspapers has recently had a quarter of a billion dollars in debt to bankrupt Irish banks which they were refusing to repay, written off.

7. The banks nationalised by current Prime Minister Enda Kenny, supposedly on our behalf, have shelved another half a billion dollars in Independent Newspapers debt, ie they'll write it off in a few months time.

8. In other words, me and you, the citizens of Ireland, have not only purchased ten worthless gangster banks, through our worthless gangster Prime Minister Enda Kenny, we have also been signed up by Enda Kenny to paying the debts through those banks of Independent Newspapers.

9. Prime Minister Enda Kenny and the worthless gangster banks he has nationalised using public money, will not collect a red cent from Enda Kenny's financial supporters, ie Denis O'Brien and Tony O'Reilly who just happen to be the owners of Independent Newspapers.

10. Prime Minister Enda Kenny has refused to sanction any action at all against Independent Newspapers owner Denis O'Brien who was deemed by an Irish Judicial Enquiry to have bribed Fine Gael government Minister Michael Lowry in order to obtain mobile phone licences for the provision of telecommunications services in the Republic of Ireland. Denis O'Brien's subversion and bribery of Enda Kenny's former party colleague Michael Lowry served as the foundation for Denis O'Brien's multi billion dollar personal fortune. The same illegally acquired multi billion dollar personal fortune that Enda Kenny's Fine Gael is leaving untouched as it forces all of us to bail out not just the banks but Denis O'Brien's Independent Newspapers group which owes those banks a billion dollars, and is one of the prime reasons those banks are collapsing.

11. Today's Irish Independent carries a further article on the Anglo debacle written by economist David McWilliams. As has been correctly pointed out by left wing broadcaster Vincent Brown, David McWilliams explicitly urged the former Fianna Fail government to give the corrupt gangster banks a limitless blank checque guarantee, the precise guarantee which delivered Ireland into the Third World overnight.

12. Today's Irish Independent accuses Vincent Brown of "gagging" one of the Irish Independent's more capable editorial staff a Mr Fionan Sheahan. The charge of gagging is risible. On his television programme Mr Brown asked Mr Sheahan when the tapes of Anglo's conspiring management had come into Independent  Newspapers' possession. Mr Sheahan filibustered and attempted to avoid the highly relevant questions being raised about the manner in which Independent Newspapers obtained the tapes. Mr Sheahan alleges that Mr Brown told him off camera that Mr Sheahan would never be a guest on the programme again. This statement attributed by Mr Sheahan to Mr Brown, even if it were true, can by no stretch of the imagination be considered tantamount to gagging Mr Sheahan.

13. Left wing broadcaster Vincent Brown, of whom I have been vituperatively critical in the past, did an honorable thing today in his column for the Irish Times, when he made clear that politicians of Fine Gael and Labour had voted in favour of Fianna Fail's illegal bailout of Anglo Irish Bank. The term "illegal bailout" is mine not Mr Brown's.

14. Fionan Sheahan has also asserted that Vincent Brown is ill disposed towards Independent Newspapers in general. There may be some truth in this assertion. Independent Newspapers twenty years ago took over a bankrupt newspaper run by Vincent Brown, possibly against Vincent Brown's will. Independent Newspapers used loans from idiot gangster banks to take over Vincent Brown's Sunday Tribune, a title he himself had founded using loans from the same idiot gangster banks. I would postulate that none of these loans were ever repaid. We're all repaying them now on behalf of both Vincent Brown and Independent Newspapers. The Sunday Tribune was finally mothballed after two decades haemhorraging cash and floating on airy fairy bank loans. No worries. You and I are picking up the tab.

15. As Independent Newspapers moved in on his bankrupt title, Vincent Brown was running the Sunday Tribune as a typical conformist Bolshevick contraceptivist abortionist anti Catholic rag, indistinguishable from any of the other titles already owned by Independent Newspapers but for the fact that he tended to favour a slightly pro IRA slant on Northern Ireland news stories. When Independent Newspapers forced him out of his own newspaper one of Vincent Brown's final acts as editor was to accuse Independent Newspapers of undermining the ancient and respected position of the Catholic Church in Ireland. This was one of the most hilarious pots calling the kettle black moments in the history of the Irish nation.

16. Today's Irish Independent carries an article suggesting the possibility of holding Judicial Enquiries into the bailout of Anglo Irish Bank. The article mentions several previous such Enquiries and their findings. No mention is made of the Judicial Enquiry which concluded that Independent Newspapers owner Denis O'Brien had bribed Michael Lowry to give him mobile phone licences, and thereby robbed billions of dollars in revenue from the Irish people.

17. Today's Irish Independent also found space for a full page article dedicated to promoting euthanasia, the murder of the elderly, in Ireland. They just love killing at that newspaper. If it's not unborn babies, it's oldies. What a privilege it is for us simple minded peasants to pay their billion dollar debts to gangster banks for them.

18. Ireland's current Prime Minister Enda Kenny, whose political party Fine Gael is bankrolled by both proprietors at Independent Newspapers, Denis O'Brien and Tony O'Reilly, closed down Ireland's embassy to the Vatican claiming this would save money. The money supposedly saved amounts to around 150,000 dollars. The amount Enda Kenny spent buying the bankrupt gangster bank AIB alone amounts to ten thousand million dollars. The entire spend of Enda Kenny and his Fine Gael Labour Party combo, acquiring owners ship of worthless gangster banks supposedly on the behalf of the public, and certainly using public money, amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars. Bear in mind that Enda Kenny was elected to repudiate the kleptocracy of the outgoing Fianna Fail government. In power he has embraced the same kleptocracy and extended it exponentially.

19. Folks we need to put a stop to these people.

20. Delenda est jihadis.


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