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Friday, June 06, 2014

nobody shouted 'f--- off you dirty nazi commie muslim russian b-ll-x' (i shouted it once but i think i got away with it)

Vladimir Putin sat plush bottomed and smiling on the high dais at Normandy.
He had come to join the leaders of the Free World for a ceremony in memory of the D-Day landings.
The leaders of Britain, France and America had let him come.
They let him come even though Vladmir Putin has just detached Crimea from Ukraine in a manoeuvre identical to Hitler's use of a Sudeten German minority to dismantle Czechoslovakia back in 1939 right at the beginning of that whack job we now call World War Two.
Vladmir Putin's annexation of Ukraine is continuing as we speak with Russian irregulars recruited from Belarus and Chechnya being used along with Putin's own Spetznatz commandos to create the illusion of a genuine separatist movement in Eastern Ukraine.
While we speak.
And Barack, and Francois, and Dave, have just let Putin park his arse at their ceremony in memory of of the men and women who liberated Europe.
Talk about insulting our glorious dead.
Never mind the living.


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