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Saturday, June 28, 2014

the reputation of rupert murdock versus the reputation of jimmy savile

Here is my analysis in full.
Most of the current raft of sex abuse claims against British celebrities are opportunistic.
The recent cases against stars of the trite low rent television drama Coronation Street represent by and large attempts at entrapment by parents prostituting their teenagers.
The case against the ageing BBC radio presenter Dave Lee Travis is also opportunistic and unmerited in my view.
In between times, there have been some genuine claims.
The vast majority of the present day claims relating to the British Broadcasting Corporation are dubious at best.
A sex culture of groupies sleeping with broadcasters prevailed at the BBC from at least the 1960's onward.
This culture was applauded at the time by the very media groups currently attempting to label ageing celebrities as paedophiles.
The groupies themselves are seeking to draw a pension from their teenage peccadillos at the BBC.
But the case against Jimmy Savile is different.
I believe the case against Jimmy Savile was contrived by Rupert Murdock's employees and their accomplices in law enforcement in order to distract attention from the existential threat to Rupert Murdock's News International organisation (owner of Sky News, The Sun, The Times Of London, The Wall Street Journal, Fox et al) arising from a perfect storm of exposure and scandals engulfing Mr Murdock's grotesquely mendacious and hugely corrupt media empire.
The existential threat to Rupert Murdock's News International organisation arose from the discovery that Rupert Murdock's employees and his company had been routinely bribing the police, routinely subverting politicians, and routinely hacking into private citizens phones in Britain and other countries.
Rupert Murdock's staff also had inappropriate contact with British Prime Minister David Cameron.
Rupert Murdock's staff also hacked into the mobile phone of a murdered British schoolgirl.
Rupert Murdock's staff also employed private detectives to harass and intimidate members of the public.
There is no doubt about any of this.
There is no doubt that this concatenation of scandals could have finished Rupert Murdock and his News International organisation.
I am suggesting that the attacks on Jimmy Savile were orchestrated to save Murdock's hide.
Without the ruination of Jimmy Savile, News International was finished.
It would have been an ex corrupt media group.
The initial fishing expedition intended to sow doubts in the public mind about Jimmy Savile was placed in the Daily Mirror and through a television station called ITV.
It has been unclear for many years who exactly owns the Daily Mirror but Rupert Murdock's Sky Television regularly promotes it and uses its staffers as guests on his news programmes.
After the initial fishing expedition documentary, featuring the most tenuous and improbable allegations from anonymous accusers, the running was taken up by Rupert Murdock's overt media groups who relied on innuendo and hate speech to get the job done.
So there we are.
You all knew where I stood on this.
At no point was I willing to allow Rupert Murdock or his corrupt employees or his criminal organisation stying itself News International, to conduct trial by television of deceased human beings.
This week a tissue of fresh allegations against the deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile have been trumpeted through Rupert Murdock's and other media groups.
The new allegations against the deceased broadcaster have been released to coincide with the British Judicial Systems failure to convict Rupert Murdock's corrupt senior executive Rebekkah Wade  and other infamously corrupt News International executives of the phone tapping, police bribing and politician subverting crimes they had all clearly and blatently committed.
The coincidence in timing, between the new attacks on Jimmy Savile and the release of Rebekkah Wade, is not credible as a coincidence.
This stinks to high heaven.
Note that the people I am impugning here are all alive.
Unlike the man I am alleging that they impugned (Jimmy Savile) in order to distract public attention from their corruption of the institutions of State. (Parliament and the police and the ephin phone company no less.)
I would ask people of integrity to note that this week an enquiry conducted by a Dr Procter claimed without corroborative evidence of any kind, that Jimmy Savile had sex with corpses and that he murdered a girl.
They really don't want you to think about Rebekkah Wade, do they.
In both instances Dr Procter admits coyly that there is no direct evidence.
She fails to name any witness.
Re the sex with corpses claim, she concludes with thoroughgoing malice and disingenuousness: "Security at mortuaries was very lax during this period."
Re the murder claims, she is similarly dishonourable, stating: "A witness claims he saw Jimmy Savile dragging away a girl and that later he heard the girl was dead."
What witness?
What girl?
Doctor Proctor doesn't think this is relevant.
Three anonymous people, supposedly staff at a hospital, are allowed to claim with ludicrous improbability that Jimmy Savile raped them and that they never spoke out for forty years because they were afraid.
This is Soviet Union quality stuff.
Rupert Murdock's dying but exponentially corrupt media group is attempting to revitalise itself through the media show trial of a a dead celebrity whom none of his accusers spoke out against while he was alive.
I have limited knowledge of these matters.
Truth be told, I cannot be one hundred percent certain that all the attempts to label Jimmy Savile are false.
My instinct is that they are false.
And I have told you why here.
Elsewhere I have shown you the invidious calibre of his initial accusers, several of whom have themselves since been accused of child abuse.
You couldn't make it up.
Now here's a few things I know to be true.
Rupert Murdock's News International organisation habitually bugs people's phone in Ireland, Britain and around the World.
Rupert Murdock's News International organisation routinely bribes and controls police officers and their commanders, in Ireland, Britain, and around the world.
Rupert Murdock's News International organisation routinely subverts politicians in Ireland, Britain, and around the world.
If Rupert Murdock's News International organisation had not managed to murder the reputation of deceased broadcaster Jimmy Savile over the last two years through a media conducted show trial, then Rupert Murdock's News International organisation would by now be facing public, parliamentary and judicial attempts to break it up worldwide under anti trust legislation.
I say it again.
These things I know to be true.
That is all.


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