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Friday, July 18, 2014

a light interlude

Coffee with the prof in the Stephens Green Centre Dublin.
"Listen Prof," I begin, "the Irish government and its atheistic satanist abortionist free masonic mafia puppet masters in the shadows of the civil service, media and judiciary, are about to launch a new pogrom against the Catholic Church. This is going to be worse than anything you've seen before. These monsters are determined to stampede the peasantry away from the Christian faith. This is a key moment because they want to copperfasten the abortion culture they've just established here. Look. The government is deliberately and mendaciously propagating a misinterpretation of medical symphisiotomy operations as having been carried out by evil Catholics to discourage women from using contraception when in fact those operations were carried out during a brief period when doctors believed they were safer than Caesarian sections. The government has also allowed feminist and leftist activists in tandem with the bankrupt (morally and financially) Daily Mail, Irish Times and Independent Newspapers to falsely claim that nuns in an Edwardian era orphanage were bunging babies into the sewerage system. Just a complete lie. No truth in it. No apology. But based on the lie the government has announced an enquiry into the practices of Edwardian era nuns in the homes they were running. Not an enquiry into the Daily Mail or Catherine Corless who invented the initial fishing expedition lie. No. The church is to be on trial again. And the government is still propagandising that other utter lie beloved of abortionist atheists to wit, that most sex abuse cases occur at the hands of Catholics. The truth is that the vast preponderance of cases occur in the broader community of non believers and in schools and hospitals at the hands of devil worship rings and organised people trafficking drug dealing paedophilia mafias. But time and time again the government and its atheistic controllers declare new enquiries designed to create a presumption of guilt for the church in the minds of ordinary people. You've got to believe me. This is an era of worse persecution of the church than the Penal Laws."
The prof digested my words.
Then he shook his head.
His voice was not without kindness or respect for me.
"This is your fight Heelers. Not mine."
My voice remained as gentle as his.
"You're wrong," I said. "It is your fight. One way or another you must pick a side. There are no neutrals in this war."


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