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Friday, July 18, 2014

the journalese of paddy duggan

Journalist Paddy Duggan had an article in the Irish Independent newspaper today about the murder of a Latvian woman called Baibite Saulite.
She was murdered several years ago in Dublin where she lived.
Mr Duggan's article was capable, incisive, detailed and professional.
It described how a Limerick based crime gang run by the Dundon family and their associates had helped facilitate the murder of this young woman.
He left out only one detail.
Baibite was murdered with the help of the Dundons on behalf of her husband a certain Hassan Hassan.
Hassan Hassan had previously kidnapped the two children he had fathered with Baibite.
The children were sleeping in the house while Hassan Hassan's agents slaughtered their mother.
These details are important for two reasons Mr Duggan.
Firstly because they're true.
Secondly because they show that Muslim mobster scum are now routinely collaborating on murder and intimidation exercises with Irish mobster scum.
We must fight them or surrender to them.
They have not left us any other choice.


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