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Friday, July 25, 2014

at last some good news

Judge Yvonne Murphy has been engaged by the Fine Gael Labour government to produce its latest trumped up report designed to criminalise the Catholic Church through the retrospective ascription of limitless guilt towards people who are not around to defend themselves. (This time it's Edwardian era nuns who ran orphanages ninety years ago in a way that Prime Minister Enda Kenny today pretends to consider abominable.)
She produced the last such trumped up report as well, and the one before it, so she should have gotten her hand in at this sort of thing by now.
Start slow, a few dollops of bigotry, a smidgen of presumption of guilt, ladle in the selective blindness towards much more blatent wrong doing in the present era, and there you go.
Catholic Church guilty of every charge invented and or contrived against it.
Yvonne Murphy is veritably the go to girl of anti Catholic show trials in Ireland.
Surprisingly enough, I tend to take a critical view of her and her manipulations of truth masquerading as judicial reports.
The good news is that Yvonne Murphy, the former air hostess hoor who swanked her way to being a judge after proving tremendously popular working in the office of an innocent old Labour Party leader, the good news I tells ee, is that this collossal moralising fraud, this cosmic beyotch, this life hating atheistic marxian abortionist fembo commie pinko against the bomb, the good news I say again, is that Judge Yvonne Murphy is married to Supreme Court Judge Adrian Hardiman.
So should she ever inadvertently libel me...
We'll both be assured of a measure of justice...
As long as it's fair, as we do say in the Defending Edwardian Era Nuns trade.


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