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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

the devil and miss o'hanlon


Dear Miss O'Hanlon.
You wrote an article this week which mentioned certain internet sources making what you considered ridiculous claims about devil worship at an orphanage on the island of Jersey.
The anonymous claims you mentioned do indeed ridiculously allege that a former British Prime Minister was complicit in the abuse and murder of children on Jersey. I think you are correct that these anonymous claims about a former British Prime Minister are most probably ridiculous, criminally vexatious, crassly false and utterly without foundation.
I agree with you there.
I would ask you to consider though that the anonymous sources for such ridiculous and vexatious claims about a former British Prime Minister being involved in devil worship murders on Jersey may themselves wish to deter public attention from the very real existence of a busy and quite murderous devil worship ring on the island of Jersey, and that they are seeking to deflect public interest from their very real activities past and present precisely by broadcasting those same deliberately ridiculous and vexatious claims about a former British Prime Minister being a part of their very real devil worship ring.
The Jersey case is one I have taken a modest interest in Miss O'Hanlon, and I am not anonymous.
Miss O'Hanlon my opinion is that there is in fact a devil worship ring on the island of Jersey, and it does kill people for  fun, and it has done so for at least the last fifty years.
Its murderous activities were for a long period targetted on children in the Haut La Garenne orphanage.
The police officer who led the first investigation into the violations and murders by staff and unknown accomplices at Haut La Garenne seemed to share my assessment.
The ring is real Miss O'Hanlon.
There's one in Naas County Kildare too by the way. (cf Nurse Mulholland murdering, torturing and terrorising patients on the wards at Naas hospital + Larry Murphy's serial killing.)
But ah.
That's another story.
James Healy
PS: You also say that claims by social workers in the 1980's and 1990's of endemic abuse related to devil worship rings in Britain, have been disproven. I'd like to see your evidence for that. Social workers still insist to me that devil worship abuse and murder is ever more prevalent in Britain, Ireland and beyond. Their testimony is VERY specific. I would counsel you to look at the trafficking through Ireland in the year 2000 of a little African boy for slaughter in England by Nigerian devil worshippers. They gave him a bad end Eilis. The case is well documented. The sort of thing that would draw atheists like yourself and wannabe religionists like me together to fight these --------.


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