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Friday, July 18, 2014

strangers on a train

Last week a train derailed in Dublin Ireland. Someone had placed rocks on the tracks.
A few days ago a train derailed in Moscow, Russia, killing twenty one people.
Tonight a high speed train has collided with another train in France.
In December and January there were train derailments around Boston and Massachusetts in the USA.
In March this year a  commuter train in Boston derailed. (The derailment was blamed on the driver.)
Last year a train in Canada carrying oil, inexplicably broke free of its moorings and exploded at night.
In July 2013, a high speed train came off the rails in Spain killing 79 people. (The driver was blamed. By coincidence the tragedy occurred at the Spanish pilgrimage site Sant Iago De Compostela, dedicated to a saint known locally as The Moor Killer or Slayer of Muslims.)
Earlier last year yet another train derailment in France caused fatalities. (There was some very curious reportage at the time of Muslim youths robbing the bodies and removing evidence from the scene. The official French enquiry blamed the crash on maintenance issues at the track.)
I think some or all of these cases are Jihad.
It would be appropriate that we began to discuss this openly without labelling each other as racists.
And of course we need to put a stop to it.
That is all.


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