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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

hence wilt thou lift up olympus

The busy afternoon bustle of Clarkes Menswear Newbridge.
I like to put in an appearance there now and again to pretend I'm not embarrassed about owing the proprietor Vivian Clarke a sum of 240 Euros for some interminable debt or other.
Three jumpers, a brace of shirts and a few pairs of trewsers if you must know.
And lo!
Out of the corner of my eye I see Vivian Clarke himself approachething.
He calls to me across the store.
"Hey Heelers," quoth he merrily enough for a man I owe money to, "any truth in the rumour that you're putting on your Poets In Paradise play to raise money for Tony O'Reilly."
I turn with what grace I can.
"Actually I have some sympathy for Mr O'Reilly," I answer with calm dignity. "I don't like the way his former yes men have turned on him. And I don't like the sneers that are being heaped upon him by people who have never shown so much as a fractional millionth of his principle, his courage or his enterprise. And by the by, the new majority shareholder at Independent Newspapers Denis O'Brien is in my book a far worse crook than O'Reilly anyway. Denis O'Brien made his money by bribing government Minister Michael Lowry to give him mobile phone licences for a million dollars that should have cost him a billion. Denis O'Brien robbed all of us and subverted parliament and is now subverting newspapers and media in a twisted vendetta against his betters. I gotta tell ya Clarkey, if it's a choice between Tony O'Reilly and Denis O'Brien, I stand with the O'Reillys."
"Lordy," said the proprietor in a shocked voice, "they're really in trouble now."


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