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Thursday, May 21, 2015

today they said

Kathy Sheridan (Irish Times contributor): "Where is the God of compassion for all those Christians voting against Gay Marriage?"

James Healy: "You see Kathy, I don't think it's compassionate to ignore the sexual disruptions a generation are experiencing through present day pornography culture and to pretend that same sex orientations are naturally occurring in the person. Nor is it compassionate to pretend you speak for everyone and are the possessor of complete truth in this or any other regard when a great many people who consider themselves homosexual disagree with you on this and other matters. Nor is it compassionate in the present case to ignore the potential causes of sexual disruption among humans arising from chemical pollutants in the environment, as well as sterilising hormones leeching into the water table from contraceptive users urine, and other possibly orientation affecting substances entering the food chain via farmers' use of growth promoters in cattle, chickens and sheep. These things certainly affect the human organism Kathy. But no one, not me, and not even the Irish Times, has yet explained precisely why some of us are attracted to people of the same sex. Have a word with your colleague Katherine Holmquist who wrote a few years ago that the sexuality of persons is a moveable feast. Has Katherine changed her view to match your paper's current editorial line? Are you sure you are qualified to define compassion?"

Gabriel Byrne (actor): "I was deeply affected by the homophobic murder of Declan Flynn, a young gay man in Fairview Park in 1981."

James Healy: You see Gabriel, Dublin thugs have been beating people to a pulp and to death routinely in Dublin parks and elsewhere for the past fifty years. It was always a standard strategy for Dublin thugs to claim they were out "queer bashing" in order to obtain get out of jail free cards from corrupt Irish judges. The problem of Dublin thugs randomly targetting people and corrupt IRA gangland judges releasing those thugs without a jail sentence is obscene and ongoing. We had two teenagers beaten and stabbed in a park in Lucan yesterday. I hope Gabriel that you obtained Mr Flynn's family's approval for your claim that he was homosexual. I hope other media groups bandying his name about have done the same. I do not agree with you that the four murderers who killed him did so because they knew his sexual orientation. Those four murderers had spent their youth beating people to a pulp in Fairview Park and continued to do so afterwards. I would have preferred Gabriel if you and the media groups seeking to use Mr Flynn's death to advance your agendas, had named instead the four murderers who slaughtered him and the Judge Liberal who turned them loose on the rest of us. I would have liked to see some follow up stories about the lives those four Dublin murderers have led since their slaughter of a young man in Fairview Park all those years ago. But ah. That would have required real courage. Real compassion too Gabriel."

Mary MacAleese (Feminist, socialist, former President of Ireland): "I knew my son was gay when at the age of seven he asked me for a vacuum cleaner for Christmas."

James Healy: "No you didn't Mary."


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