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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

are we human or are we hairdressers

Rowena Baines on the phone.
"The kids were trying to figure out what we were talking about yesterday. So being a modern parent I took them through the whole thing. Explained to them that Eilis Philips had produced a play, and that you had reviewed it in a magazine, and that Eilis hadn't liked your review, and had written a letter to the magazine accusing you of unfairness to one of her actors, and that now you are too embarassed to go into her hairdressing salon and are cutting your hair yourself which is why it looks so terrible. I told them everything. And my youngest said: 'No, I bet James went in and apologized to Eilis and Eilis said: Okay I forgive you but you have to let me cut your hair any way I want.' "


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