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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

not with a bang but a whimper

An Open Letter To Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny

Prime Minister.
A public enquiry into the circumstances wherewith Ireland became liable for the debts of Anglo Irish Bank is currently underway.
You will be aware of my analysis that Anglo Irish Bank was an IRA mafia proxy bank systematically burglarised on behalf of the IRA by its Chief Executive an IRA proxy called Sean Fitzpatrick and Sean Fitzpatrick's IRA proxy assistant David Drumm (currently on the run in America having been facilitated with United States residency and a big house through the IRA's gangland rat lines in Boston) an institutional burglarisation achieved via repeated billion dollar thieveries disguised as loans to yet another IRA proxy called Sean Quinn who masqueraded as a businessman and became the bagman for the purposes of this, the biggest bank job in history.
Not Irish history Prime Minister.
World history.
Anglo Irish Bank's losses when it collapsed in 2008 exceeded those of any other bank on earth including the largest American loss making bank Citibank.
Prime Minister your Deparment of Public Prosecutions has just forbidden the Banking Enquiry from interviewing Sean Fitzpatrick who was the lynch pin of this IRA smash and grab on the nation.
In other words your Department of Public Prosecutions has instructed the Banking Enquiry not to interview the man whose criminal behaviour on behalf of the IRA put Ireland in the Third World overnight.
Your Department of Public Prosecutions has prevented the Banking Enquiry from forcing Sean Fitzpatrick to answer questions about his impoverishment of the nation on the grounds that Sean Fitzpatrick's appearance before the Banking Enquiry, an Enquiry precipitated by himself, might in the future create some sort of arcane prejudice among jurors at some unspecified and as yet unscheduled legal trial which may or may not ever take place. (The chances are it won't.)
Clever aren't they.
Prime Minister consider what I've said.
That is all.
James Healy


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