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Monday, August 24, 2015


Watching Iron Man on the sexevision.
Robert Downey Junior is quite good as Stark the businessman who becomes a superhero by donning a robot exo skeleton he's invented for the purpose.
By the way he designs the robo suit while being held hostage by Islamists who think he's designing a missile system for them.
I kid you not.
The best bit is when he and his Jewish friend (also a captive) finish the suit and Robert Downey turns on their Islamist captors, and the Jewish friend gets wounded, and Robert Downey says: "Come on let's get out of here."
And the Jewish guy says: "I'm not going with you."
And Robert Downey says: "Come on. We both escape. That's the plan. We gotta stick to the plan."
And the Jewish guy says: "This was always the plan Stark. I was always going to shamelessly libel journalists from the Independent Newspaper group so that they'd read my blog. And then when I knew they were reading it, I'd give them a vocabulary to know that the IRA was operating in Ireland as a people trafficking drug dealing mafia in alliance with Al Qaeda and all the other skang mafias. And then the Indo journalists would start to write about the IRA as a mafia. And then the game would end because the Irish people have never yet let scum rule them."
And Robert Downey Junior says: "Oh."


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