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Friday, August 14, 2015

top ten reasons to vote for donald trump as president of the united states of america

1. He spoke with real insight and courage about murderers, drug dealers and serial criminals flooding our countries as illegal immigrants and inflicting their murders, their drug dealing and their terrorism on the law abiding communities who live here.

2. He defied the leftist media professionals and corporations who sought to label him racist for criticising criminals who enter our countries as illegal immigrants. He defied similar attempts by similar leftists to force him to withdraw from the race for the Presidency. These people are accustomed to destroying careers using any statement they can misrepresent as racist. Trump did not apologise to them or to the people traffickers flooding our countries with illegal immigrants . His ratings went up.

3. When interviewer Fank Luntz put it to him that Senator John McCain had called Trump's supporters crazies, and that McCain's comment must have merit because McCain is a war hero, Trump responded with refreshing vivacity: "He's not a hero... Is he a hero?.. He's just a hero because he was captured... I prefer my heroes not to get captured." There was little sympathy for John McCain as Democratic Party supporters in the media and their attendant leftists tried to force him either to apologise or withdraw from the race. Commentator Mark Steyn noted the John McCain had himself been responsible for opprobrious public remarks about Bill and Hillary Clinton's daughter Chelsea while Chelsea was a teenager. Trump's ratings went up.

4. Trump defied repeated attempts from leftist media commentators to force him to apologise for his remarks about John McCain. He also spiritedly defied rather simplistic attempts by John McCain to suggest the Trump owed an apology to all war veterans.

5. When a feminist lawyer attempted to sabotage Trump's campaign by claiming that a decade ago he had made sexist remarks to her over her use of a breast pump to produce baby milk during a meeting she was holding with Trump to take a legal statement from him on a courtcase (I kid you not) the attempted sabotage exploded in the feminist lawyer's face. There was no sympathy for her. Trump did not apologise. Trump's ratings went  up.

6. When his competitors round on him, he points out with acerbity: "They're my competitors. And I'm beating them in all the polls."

7. When Republican Party bosses (the boys in the back room) sought an assurance from Trump that if he failed to be nominated for the Republican Party, he would not run as an independent, Trump refused to give such an assurance. I believe he is cogniscant of the party bosses' deliberte derailing of Rick Santorum's campaign four years ago when Santorum won the Iowa primary but the party bosses announced the victory for Mitt Romney (Remember him?) thereby denying Santorum the significant momentum of winning the first primary. The back room boys corrected the Iowa result six weeks later but by that time it was too late for the real winner Rick Santorum. Trump knows the back room boys don't want him as their candidate and that they're capable of playing the same games with him they played with Santorum. So Trump has chosen to leave them guessing.

8. Trump now says he's pro life.

9. Trump says he has respect for Sarah Palin.

10. Trump has significant achievements in business and as a manager of corporate entities and as a leader generally.


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Interesting view from Ireland, James. I take your insights very seriously.

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