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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

storms over the mountain

Each year in Ireland on a chosen day in Summer the Catholic Christian ceremony of the mass is celebrated atop the mountain known as Croagh Patrick.
It is claimed that the tradition of mass on this mountain on this day has been maintained without interruption for 1500 years.
I'm not sure anyone could know that the tradition was never interrupted before.
But get this.
This week, supposedly for the first time in 1500 years, a storm prevented the Catholic Christian ceremony of the mass being said atop the mountain we call Croagh Patrick on the traditional day for that ceremony.
Supposedly nothing ever stopped the mass going ahead there before.
Not storms.
Not the penal laws.
Now World War Two.
Not Stalin.
Not the mafioso terrorist drug dealing people trafficking IRA nor their parliamentary proxies Sinn Fein.
Not the Muslims.
So why now?
I would ask you to note that this year the atheistic Fine Gael Labour Party government legalised abortion in Ireland.
Maybe God didn't want those people profaning the ceremony of the mass on his holy mountain.
Just a thought.


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