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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

judge martin nolan's feeling for snow

Judge Martin Nolan was overseeing preliminary hearings today prior to the forthcoming trial of IRA mafioso skanger banker Sean Fitzpatrick.
Sean Fitzpatrick's lawyers sought to have the trial abandoned under the old mafia shibboleth that since their client is blatently guilty, it is impossible for him to have a fair trial.
(They actually claimed that negative public perceptions of their client would preclude a fair trial. - Ed note)
(Same thing - Heelers note)
Judge Martin Nolan correctly ruled that the Judge in the long awaited trial could simply advise the Jury to disregard media coverage or internet commentary relating to IRA mafia skanger banker Sean Fitzpatrick and his theft of the nation through billion dollar loans to himself and to other IRA skangers posing as businessmen, and the ensuing looting of the treasury to cover their tracks via a corrupt now deceased Fianna Fail skanger Finance Minister and his successors in Ireland's current morally defunct atheistic abortionist Fine Gael Labour Party combo government.
I mean I don't want to go casting no... oh you know.
Nevermind if I think Judge Martin Nolan may have been playing a double game in correctly ruling on the matter of IRA skanger banker Sean Fitzpatrick's attempt to evade justice on the pattycake charges that he is facing. (They haven't charged him with IRA membership. They haven't charged him with bankrupting the nation in order to cover up his burglarisation of his own bank. They haven't charged him with moral torpitude in corrupting a government minister. Instead he's facing only relatively minor charges of lying to his bank's auditors.)
I have to admit Judge Martin Nolan has stunned me by ruling correctly on the matter even though I smell a double game in Judge Martin Nolan's correct ruling since I have previously postulated that based on his consistently debased jurisprudence in favour of hoodlums, Judge Martin Nolan is himself an IRA mafia skanger Judge.
But never mind all that.
The point is that this time Judge Martin Nolan ruled correctly.
His ruling should be called the Bleedin Obvious ruling and it should become mandatory procedure in all courts in the Republic of Ireland and anywhere else on the planet that people want drug dealing Rah men mafioso Al Qaeda skanger scum to face the music for what they are doing to all of us.
Never again should mafia skanks, or skummers, or Judges, evade Justice by having mafia lawyers claim the blatency of their clents' guilt precludes a fair trial,
Never again should we have Jury selection for IRA mafia skanger scum trials based on a prerequisite that Jury members should be either (a) non sentient conformists with no opinion about anything or (b) members of the mafia.
I say it again.
Judge Martin Nolan ruled correctly.
For whatever reason.
But apparently fearing his newly discovered ability to do the right thing might lead to a loss of street cred among the mob, Judge Martin Nolan added a rather droll insight to his ruling.
"We've all had to get used to uncontrolled public expressions of opinion," Judge Martin Nolan noted. "There is a continuous stream of sludge coming out of the internet."
What on earth can he have meant.


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