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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

the newly discovered original lost alternative ending to murders in the rue dole yer

The story so far: Heelers is racing across town to try and stop a supernatural assassin who is intent on wiping out the employees of the The Irish Times newspaper. James has never been a fan of the atheistic abortionist contraceptivist life in test tubes Bolshevick pro IRA anti American anti Israel anti Catholic newspaper, so the rescue mission presents something of a moral dilemma for him,  But his belle nature reasserts and he undertakes the task with gusto. Outside the Irish Times building he has an encounter with pure evil in the form of the assassin himself. Now read on...

i quickened my pace the criminals of dublin tend to congregate after dark it lends a certain atmosphere to their work
i realised if i quickened my pace any more i would be running flat out thankfully the irish times building lay directly ahead of me a beacon of constancy in a world out of control
a sigh of relief escaped my lips
then he appeared
right between me and the office building ahead
the aura of evil was palpable although i had no intention of palping it
i drew my gun
he laughed
the futility hit me
i lowered my hands to my side
he emanated malevolence
what use to resist
what can a man do against phantoms
what can a gun do against this
i spoke a single sentence of surrender
it had two distinct clauses that is a subject and a predicate two verbs the second of which was an imperative an abstract noun some personal pronouns and a preposition indicatiing location as prepositions generally do
they're in there i told the ghost give em hell


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