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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

the crunch question

Question: Will the Irish government's allocation of increased police resources help stem the tide of IRA Tinker mafia crime across the Republic of Ireland.

Answer: No. The only thing that will stem the tidal wave of IRA Tinker drug dealing mafia murder crime across Ireland is to lock up members of the IRA Tinker mafias who are caught committing crimes. That means we have to replace the Liberal Judges who insist on turning the criminals loose on the citizenry. We should elect our Judiciary from now on and break finally gangland's control from the shadows over the Judges. There should be no more bail for IRA murderers, drug dealers, rapists, people traffickers or house breakers. There should be no more weekend or day release. There should be no longer any limitation on the time they may be held for questioning. At present the cops have to let them go after twenty four hours until charges are ready. Thank you Judge Liberal. How enlightened you are in protecting IRA murderers and their attendant skang gangs. There should be no more commuted or shortened sentences. There should be no more community service. They should go to jail. They should go directly to jail. They should not receive free legal aid.They should not collect a licence to kill from Judge Liberal as they pass Go. I would ask you to note that the IRA member who murdered a police officer this week, was out on bail for previous crimes courtesy of Liberal Judges. The Tinker gang bangers who broke into a man's house and tortured him in front of his wife and children last year had also all received neglible sentences for their previous cornucopia of crimes along with early release, endless State financed appeals against their convictions, and generous bail awards while awaiting trial. One of the tinkers who tortured the man in front of his wife and children had been convicted more than a hundred times previously. I kid you not. We should arm the police force. Yes I know the Irish police force is hugely corrupt. Even in my own town a corrupt cop kept the gang bangers out of jail for fifteen years while harassing the law abiding members of the community. His classic line in court when trying to keep his proteges out of jail was: "Yer Onner, I'll take them under my wing.". But we should still arm the police, the existence of skanger cops notwithstanding. And we should break absolutely the power of the IRA, the Tinkers, the Muslim gangs (whom I normally refer to as Al Qaeda), Cosa Nostra, the Chinese Triads, the Russian Mafia, the Eastern European gangs, and the Nigerian devil worhipping gangs who are currently dividing Ireland up into personal fiefdoms. We should anathematise, proscribe and end them all. The alternative is to be ruled by them.


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