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Monday, October 12, 2015

today they said

Gerry Adams (President of Sinn Fein the IRA mafia's parliamentary proxies in Ireland. Gerry is also reputedly head of the IRA itself.): "If elected to government we will give every family in Ireland the equivalent of 600 to a thousand Euro."

James Healy: "So you're going to pay back the 30 million you stole in the Northern Bank robbery, and the 30 billion you stole through your institutionalised burglarisation of Anglo Irish Bank via illegal billion dollar loans to businessmen acting as proxies for the IRA, and then you're going to pay back the 100 billion that was looted from the Treasury by your corrupt accomplices in government Prime Minister Brian Cowan of Fianna Fail, the now conveniently deceased Finance Minister Brian Lenihan and their successors in the present Fine Gael Labour Party combo to cover up your systematic collapse of the Irish banking industry? Because that's going to take more than 600 Euro to each family Mate. You and your IRA owe every man, woman and child in Ireland a million quid every year for the next hundred years. For starters."


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