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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

top ten reasons islamic culture is superior ie more enlightened than the culture of those societies which i normally refer to as the civilised world or the democratic world or the western world or the free world

1. The abortion culture imposed on Europe and America by atheistic pseudo elites, and on Russia and China by communists and post communists, has wiped out untold millions of human lives. It is not Muslims who have done this.

2. Abortion in a pill has been devised by French pharmaceutical companies and marketed from France to the world. In my own country Ireland abortion pills are now routinely provided to children by pharmacists without parental consent and without notification to guardians or care givers. It is not Muslims who have done this.

3. Euthanasia has become legal practice in the Netherlands and beyond. Elderly Dutch people are afraid to go to hospital for fear their doctors will kill them. It is not Muslims who have done this.

4. Assisted suicide for teenagers has now become legal practice in Belgium and Luxembourg. It is not Muslims who have done this.

5. Doctors in the west have devised procedures for the generation of life in test tubes. The test tube baby practice, which to them is a business, also means killing babies in test tubes, for during each procedure several embryos are created, but only one is brought to term. It is not Muslims who have done this.

6. The pornography industry has disrupted men and women and children across the world inducing rape, suicide and other individually and societally destructive behaviours. It is not Muslims who have done this.

7. Commentator Mark Steyn has noted that most western converts to Islam are women and that many of them are turning to Islam to escape from the slatternly image of women which has been forced on them by modern western culture. Sexualised images abound in western advertising, media and cinema, objectifying women, debauching men and debasing children. These images and the absence of an attendant value system are profoundly disruptive to the personhood of children and adults. It is not Muslims who have done this.

8. The sensual representation of violence for entertainment in the movie and television industries is profoundly disruptive to the mental and spiritual health of children and adults. It is not Muslims who have done this.

9. Contraceptive culture in the west has collapsed value systems and propagated as a normative life style the most bestial behaviour among men and women. It is not Muslims who have done this.

10. I would argue that atheism culture in the west, sprung from an undiscerning reading and a presumptuous propagation of the theories of Charles Darwin and Karl Marx, has led directly to the mayhem of both Hitlerite Nazism and Stalinist Communism. (As well as the aforementioned satanic cult of abortionist baby killing which currently indicts us all.) This institutionalised substantially unquestioned cultural and political atheism has deprived generations of men, women and children in Europe, America and all over the planet earth, of hope and wisdom and of knowledge of their creator. Atheistic conformism has left untold numbers of us stumbling in darkness through the very real cosmic battles with evil, that all must face. European and American culture has become mired in the worship of pleasure and so flounders in its own hedonism. It is not Muslims who have done this.


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