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Saturday, November 28, 2015

considerations regarding mass immigration into europe following the latest muslim atrocities in paris

1. There has never been an inherent right to in-migrate into our countries.

2. The right to in-migrate to our countries was accorded the status of an unquestionable secular piety only in the past twenty years. This piety has been foisted on Europe by an unprincipled, and essentially unaccountable, political, judicial and media pseudo establishment. Earlier waves of immigration were sometimes similarly opportunistic and without public consent, but at least in those periods, there was some public discourse on the matter and immigration law was not permitted to collapse.

3. Immigration law in Europe began a rapid collapse only after 1991 when ironically enough the Russians were attempting to democratise their seventy year old communist dictatorship. Amid the positive thaw in international relations, our countries were targetted by mafias for mass immigration and our governments failed to put a stop to it.

4. Public concerns about mass immigration were and are silenced by labelling such concerns racist.

5. The mafias buy our politicians and they buy up public advocacy groups. European mafias, Nigerian devil worship gangs, along with the IRA, Triads and Muslim gangs, have established a billion dollar trade drug trafficking and people trafficking Muslims from the Third World into Europe.

6. My analysis is that any country that allows mass Muslim immigration becomes a victim of Muslim Jihad terror. There are no exceptions. I would refer you to the commentator Mark Steyn (no friend of mine)'s assessment of this matter as instanced in his book America Alone, a salient quote from which is reproduced here with my punctuation and without his permission. The money quote reads: "Islam is a classic armed doctrine. It exists to destroy. Someday it will. On an epic scale."

7. The broad mass of Europeans have not consented to the collapse of immigration law nor to the presence of millions of Muslim Jihadis in our countries,  nor to the definition of immigration law by mafiosi and left wing pseudo elites We simply weren't asked.

8. The political pseudo elites of Europe and organisations such as Amnesty International continue to silence most expressions of public concern regarding immigration by labelling them racist.

9. Immigration law in southern Europe has been further collapsed, indeed destroyed, by Pope Francis' highly publicised remarks on the issue last year. Pope Francis advocacy regarding refugees led to a policy of welcoming ashore mafia run boatloads of would be immigrants in direct contravention of the proper policy of turning such boatloads back to Africa. Having done more than any other single person to collapse immigration law, Pope Francis has attempted to cover his tracks on this issue by simultaneously calling for an end to people trafficking. I do not consider him a genuine Pope. His election to the Papacy after the sudden resignation of his precessor looked to me like a coup d'etat.

9.Pope Francis disruptive influence on the immigration situation has been superceded this year by Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel who has thrown open the doors of Europe to Muslim immigrants without the consent of the people of Germany or of any other European people. In her self righteous arrogance Chancellor Merkel may just have ended Europe.

10. It is time to put a stop to this by re-establishing our borders, by ending immigration, and by creating accountability among the political and institutional pseudo elites who are at present working for the mafias. We must end the hijacking of discourse in our countries by generic unaccountable liberal left wing politicians and their puppet master mafiosi, all of whom profit exponentially from their destruction of immigration law while our countries, our cultures, our freedoms, and our lives drown in a sea of Islam.


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