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Thursday, November 19, 2015

today they said

President Barack Obama of the United States: "It is against our values to refuse entry to Muslims because of their religion."

James Healy: "Not at all. It is sound good sense to exclude people who are seeking to kill us from living among us. A world wide Muslim terror army is attempting to enslave all humanity. So you don't allow them to over run our countries. It is not unprecedented that we would ask such infiltrators whether they are Muslim or not. During the Cold War, the American immigration services routinely asked anyone coming to America whether they were members of the Communist Party. Those who were members of the Communist Party were routinely excluded from entry. Today Islam is the ideology of our enemies. Their Quran is their Das Kapital and their Mein Kampf. The Prophet Muhammed is their Karl Marx and their Hitler. There is absolutely no point in bombing Isis in Syria and then allowing five million or five hundred million Jihadis to move from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakisan and every other hell hole country that Muslims have used their Islamic ideology to make unliveable, into Europe, Canada, Australia, Britain, Ireland and the US. If you let them in, they will do here what they have already done to every other country where Islam became predominant, that is to say any other country that permitted Muslim immigration. There are no exceptions. If you let them in, they will turn us into what they are. Barack unrestricted immigration dates only from Russia's ending of her communist war with humanity in 1991. It was never an integral part of Western Society or the Free World to allow third world gang bangers a right of residence in our countries. Think what it would have meant if the Brits had allowed Germans a right of refuge in Britain during the bombing of Dresden. Sure Hitler wouldn't even have needed an invading army. Barack this has to stop. You lefties have nearly buried our culture and our freedoms in the sh-t of Arabia. It has to stop Barack."


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