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Thursday, November 19, 2015

cafe life

Hatching a cup of tea in the Drunken Leprechaun in Newbridge.
(The name is an artful attempt to protect my sources. Usually I'd just call it Something Baines but I'm making more of an effort this week. I think the Drunken Leprechaun would be a good name for a cafe.)
The manageress beetles by my table.
"What do you think of the attacks on Paris Eveline?" I ask her.
She pauses and a dam bursts.
"They Muslims have gotten very aggressive," she exclaims. "I mean ordinary Muslims not just terrorists. I was in Paris on New Year's Eve a while ago and my family went to the celebrations at the Eiffel tower. And we were surrounded by young Muslim men. You know it was just ugly. The atmosphere. There was a sense of threat. My little boy started to cry. We just left."
The mighty Heelers resists the urge to ask her how she knew they were Muslims and had she seen their Qurans.
Instead I say: "You're a left wing pro abortion liberal. I'm the opposite of you. If we're both saying these things, how long before our leaders say them? I'll tell you how long. They'll never say them. Not these leaders. Our leaders would have us bleeding in the streets and would still be calling us racists for saying put a stop to Muslim immigration and expel all Jihadis. Don't have our police following them around the streets. Expel them, If there's any reason to follow them in the streets, that's enough reason to not let them live here."
Eveline sighed.
"You're right James, but no one will say that."
"More of us are saying it now. But we're going to have to replace our leaders with people who will answer to us rather than to Amnesty International and the Muslim Brotherhood."
She sighed again.
"You know James I wasn't surprised that the ones who attacked Paris came from Brussels. I used to work in Brussels and I knew the city really well. Then I went back for a visit three years ago and I could see the changes. The Muslims have become really powerful there. They hav
e tremendous power on the city council. And there are parts of the city that they are running as Muslim zones. Do you know for hundreds of years the Belgians put a huge Christmas tree in the Brussels town square in December. I went there expecting to see it. But there was just this huge white concrete structure. The Muslims had insisted that Christmas trees were an insult to them, So this country that had a Christmas tree every Christmas for hundreds of years, now doesn't have one."
Her voice shook as she finished.
I smiled but not as sultans smile.
I was thinking a tad ruefully about how in Ireland the liberal atheistic abortionist Fine Gael politician Alan Shatter, since resigned as a government Minister in a corruption scandal, had forced the Irish army to cease its annual Christmas display at headquarters.
No Christmas trees. No Cribs.
By Ministerial order/
I was thinking also that at this stage maybe God himself wouldn't want a Christmas tree in Belgium or Ireland,
By a strange irony God might be with the Mussies on that one.
After all Belgium has legalised abortion, Belgium has legalised euthanasia, and Belgium has legalised assisted suicide for teenagers.
And the Irish government has just legalised aborting having promised the electorate it would do no such thing.
Why on earth would God let such countries associate with him.
But I didn't say this to Eveline.
I didn't say that we cannot be sure of victory over the Muslims who are at war with us, we can only deserve it, and at the moment we do not deserve it.
I didn't say any of this.
I said: "Will your politician friend do anything about this?"
Eveline replied: "She's never mentioned it. She doesn't want to be called a racist."
That old gag.
The hour is getting late,


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