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Friday, December 25, 2015

on christmas day in the morning

Wandered down the stairs.
A robin redbreast was on the bird table at the kitchen window looking directly at me.
He waited a moment and flew off.
I hadn't seen a robin for months.
In my heart I felt the robin was by the grace of God bringing a greeting from my mother who died five years ago.
Later a neighbour called.
She said: "I came downstairs at 6am and there was a robin at the backdoor just looking at me. I hadn't seen a robin for months."
I asked her what she thought that meant.
She said: "I thought it was a message from my Mam and Dad. They died years ago but every now and then something happens like this and I just get a feeling. If you're open to it, I think you can see signs like this all the time."


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