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Friday, December 18, 2015

ooh ahh up the supposedly independentant parliamentarians

Three nominally independent Irish parliamentarians attended the bail application of a suspected IRA terrorist styling himself Donal O'Coisdealbha at the Special Criminal Court in Dublin this week.
That's three elected members of parliament showing up in court to help an IRA terrorist get out for Crimbo.
I say they are nominally independent in that they have no official links to any of Ireland's three major constitutional political parties Fine Gael, Labour or Fianna Fail, nor to the fourth major party in Ireland, the one poised to take power at the next election, ie the IRA's parliamentary proxies Sinn Fein.
The three court attending parliamentarians comprised one Mick Wallace (two Mick Wallaces would have been excessive) one Claire Daly, (who is having an affair with one Mick Wallace) and one Maureen O'Sullivan (whom nobody knows from Adam). (Adams surely? - Ed note)
Did I mention that the IRA's parliamentary proxies Sinn Fein are poised to take power in Ireland at the next election.
I have previously postulated on this website that many supposedly independent candidates in parliament are actually ringers for Sinn Fein.
I cannot help wondering where Mick Wallace, Claire Daly and Maureen O'Sullivan stand on this highly contentious issue.
Mick Wallace is famous in Ireland for having been elected to the rotten borough of Wexford, rotten in that the people of Wexford elected an anti corruption candidate with debts to gangster banks totalling in excess of fifty millon dollars.
Clarie Daly is famous for her firebrand love making (Socialism surely?- Ed note) and for allowing Mick Wallace the ongoing use of a car parking space at one of Ireland's airports which she was formerly entitled to use herself as an airport employee, but had absolutely no right to use or give the use of to her current lover, as a socialist wooooooorker parliamentarian.
Maureen O'Sullivan is just a pair of glasses and a smile. (Harold Lloyd surely? - Ed note)
(I don't wear glasses - Maureen O'Sullivan note)


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