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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

what are little jihadis made of

As Muslim Jihadi's launch their usual end of year murder spree across Europe, an odd reflection comes to mind.
I am thinking of the dynamic to Jihad that involves dysfunctions in our own culture and freedoms, specifically disruptions to adult masculinity stemming from Hollywood and European films generally.
I remember hostages kidnapped by Hezbollah Jihadis in Lebanon during the 1980's with survivors being released in the 1990's, stating that their captors had spent hours each day watching Rambo movies and similar fare.
The recent attack on the concert hall in Paris involved Muslims spraying the crowd with machine guns using a methodology reminiscent of a scene from a Quentin Tarantino film entitled Inglorious B-------.
An ex Jihadi has commented on Irish television this week that the men who involved him in Jihad were very taken with a movie called The Matrix.
Of course the Muslim Jihad against humanity predates Hollywood.
But I would suggest that the psychopathology of the modern Muslim male is infernally linked to the violence and porno of contemporary film making.
We cannot be sure of victory over these people.
We can only deserve it.
At the moment we do not deserve it.
Frankly, I think Tarantino's films are not worth the life of any human being.


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