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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

the next government of ireland

Cop killer Pearse McCauley who is a member of both the IRA terrorist mafia and its parliamentary political party proxies Sinn Fein has been sentenced in court this week in the Republic of Ireland for his most recent crime, committed last Christmas whereby he held his ex wife captive in her own home, tortured her for two and a half hours in front of their two young children, and stabbed her at least thirteen separate times.
His wife Pauline Tully is also a Sinn Fein member and has been a political representative for that IRA front group for several years.
She has appeared on television tonight claiming what happened to her was domestic abuse.
Judge Liberal has given Pearse McCauley a pattycake sentence which, according to reporters, means he will be released in five years.
Some comments...

1. The IRA is poised to take direct power in Ireland at the next election through its Sinn Fein parliamentary proxies and through a group of left wing and Independent candidates who are ringers for Sinn Fein. Unofficially, the IRA is already ruling Ireland: on the streets through its drug gangs and affiliated mafias; and in the courts through a subverted judiciary; and in the economic sphere through mob controlled trade unions.

2. Pearse McCauley should never be released.

3. Judge Liberal should be fired. The entire IRA infiltrated judiciary should be fired. We should elect our Judges from now on. In the meantime let's have military courts for IRA cop killers who torture, hold captive, stab and attempt to murder their ex wives at Christmas in front of their children.

4. What happened to Pauline Tully was not domestic abuse. What happened to Pauline Tully is what happens to gangland molls when they marry murdering psychopathic IRA cop killers after the said molls knew full well their husbands to be had slaughtered an Irish police officer and numerous others while trying to hand Ireland over lock stock and two smoking barrels to Communist Russia in the 1980s.

Memo to gangland molls generally: Stop fornicating with and marrying cop killers from the IRA Sinn Fein mafia. Eventually they'll pull a knife out of their shiny track suit and stab you in front of the children every time.


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