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Monday, November 30, 2015

the sanchez family decide to quit spain

It was the year 2014.
"We're moving to the US," said Jacinta.
"Why did you decide to go in the end?" quoth me.
I was finding it hard to believe that anyone could give up on Spain.
It's so beautiful. The language. The culture. The buildings. The land The people. The ancient faith.
Ramon gave the answer.
"There's no way to make a living here," he said. "The Moroccans kept breaking into my business, robbing us and sabotaging the equipment. We couldn't even begin to make repayments to the bank."
"Why would they damage the equipment?" sez I, eyes wide and round.
"Because," answered he matter of factly, "they had similar car repair businesses in the area and they don't like competition."
In all this conversation bold readers, I didn't once mention Muslims or our earlier conversation ten years ago when I had predicted the end of Spain if the Sanchez family voted Socialist as Al Qaeda at the time had been so keen they should do.
Sometimes ya gotta take the high road.


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