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Sunday, December 27, 2015

traditional gangland christmas celebrations in ireland

Gangland took over the centre of Dublin city on Christmas day for their customary riot, torching of vehicles and property, and systemic terrorisation of the citizenry.
The Christmas day gangland riots in Dublin have been all but unreported by Ireland's bankrupt leftist media groups who are more concerned to falsely convince Irish people that it's raining because of climate change rather than to focus on the final collapse of the rule of law in the Republic.
But riots there were.
A member of skangland was later involved in some sort of vehicular incident between his motor bike and a cop car.
It is not clear what happened because details of the incident are being kept out of the public domain.
The skanger is in hospital. We do know his brother died several years ago when he came up against armed police while engaged in an attempted robbery.
So skanger he is.
On Christmas day, the gang bangers of Dublin city used the hospitalisation of their fellow skang as an excuse to up the tempo of their riots.
Irish fire brigade crews had to be escorted by police to attend to the various incidents of arson around the inner city.
But none of this is news as far as the climate change faking, IRA infiltrated, national broadcaster RTE is concerned.
All an unnecessary distraction from the winter rain, eh RTE?
In other news, Judge Tony Hunt allowed continuing anonymity to members of a paedophile ring even after two of their victims, now adults, waived the right to anonymity in order for the man who had raped them as children to be identified.
I kid you not.
Judge Tony Hunt forbid newspapers from identifying the man anyway.
I think Judge Tony Hunt, and any other IRA mafia and/or Paedophile Ring controlled Judges, should be removed from office immediately.
We should elect our Judges from now on.
It's time to take out the trash.
And finally Esther...
A character called Diarmuid Ferriter writing, perhaps humorously, in the Irish Times has called for the jailing of people who deny the existence of man made climate change.
I am looking forward to writing the new year's edition of The Heelers Diaries from cell block number nine.
Ho, ho, ho.


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