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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

coughlans and muscle men alive alive oh

Several years ago IRA controlled skang gangs attempted to stampede legislators towards the legalisation of drug use in Ireland by opening drug dealing shops, styled Head Shops, simultaneously in every town and village in Ireland.
The move was coordinated.
The idea was to create facts on the ground.
To change the public mind by changing reality itself.
The IRA was hoping to make legalised drug dealing a fait accompli.
At a stroke the gangs hoped to collapse drug law and precedent and turn Ireland into the Netherlands.
A valiant flicker of the old soul of the nation put paid to their plan as families and communities adn the braver local politicians organised to oppose these poisoners in our midst.
In spite of the IRA terrorist mafia and its political proxies Sinn Fein infiltrating the community groups that opposed the Head Shops, the public will has prevailed.
At least for now.
IRA drug dealers still terrorise our towns and villages with impunity.
But they do so largely from the shadows.
Not from commercial premises on Main Street.
At the time of the IRA's Head Shops gambit, in the town of Naas near where I live, a property owner who was also a Judge had rented premises opposite the court house to the IRA drug dealers.
Here too public opprobrium eventually forced the Head Shop to close.
Judge Coughlan claimed he never knew who he was renting to or what they were selling.
I passed that way last week and looked in on the premises to see who was occupying it now.
My eyes beheld something styling itself the Boston Barbershop Company.
Here's larks, thinks I.
Surely not the same company that Senator Mairia Cahill last year outed in the Sunday Indpendent newspaper as a front for the Rah.
The one and only.
Mother Ireland you're rearing them yet.
But what an unlucky fellow Judge Coughlan is in the tenants he rents to.
And how lucky we are to have such a fine upstanding paragon of decency propping up the law in the Republic of Ireland.
As are all our judges, all of them, fine upstanding paragons of decency.
Seriously though, they're doing a wonderful job.


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