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Saturday, March 19, 2016

the greatness of america

The Americans have delayed an IRA gunrunner, who styles himself Martin Ferris, for a few hours at an airport.
The deliberate inconveniencing of a mafioso comes just a day after security men deliberately inconvenienced IRA capo Gerry Adams when he tried to gatecrash a Saint Patrick's Day ceremony at the White House.
I think rather well of the Americans in these matters.
Ferris is an elected parliamentarian in Ireland for the IRA's proxy political front Sinn Fein.
In the 1980's he liaised with Whitey Bolger's Boston based IRA skang gang to import guns to Ireland.
One likes to picture him Ferris the airport in a showboating tantrum trying to intimidate the Americans.
I can almost hear him getting progressively more apoplectic with each sentence.
"I am a respected gun runner. I deal my drugs to the best people. My militias have taken over towns and villages across Ireland. We're the go to people for trafficking Al Qaeda Muslims into the West. I know Whitey Bolger. You Americans are making a big mistake. We own you. Nobody, but nobody, -----s with the Rah."


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