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Monday, March 21, 2016

enemy at the gates

(more of the night Gerry Adams came home, ie tried to gatecrash the White House)

The security men indicated to Gerry Adams that he should stand to one side.
A burly officer patted him down.
Adams was sure he felt definite cupping but he fumed silently.
An hour went by.
Inside the President of the United States was receiving a bowl of shamrock from the Prime Minister of Ireland.
Gerry Adams was missing the whole ceremony.
Suddenly the old IRA torturer could take it no more.
With strange high dignity he stamped his foot and cried out:
"Am I such a craven
That ye keep me waiting here
While Enda Kenny and Barack
Are swigging down the beer
Then on Genucci and Savanelli
He bestowed a bitter ah
Nobody but nobody
----s with the Rah"


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