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Thursday, March 17, 2016

happy saint patrick's day

The Crunch Question

Question: Why did Gerry Adams attempt to gatecrash the White House tonight for the traditional Saint Patrick's Day eve presentation of shamrock to American President Barack Obama and why wasn't he let in?

Answer: Gerry Adams attempted to gatecrash the traditional celebration of the presentation of shamrock to the American President on the eve of Saint Patrick's day, because Gerry Adams' political party Sinn Fein, a front for the international IRA terrorist mafia, has just won 22 seats in the Irish parliament and Gerry Adams sees himself as now being on the cusp of power in our country and is desperate to make himself acceptable to the broad constituency of decent people who would normally reject a terrorist mafioso murderer for their prime minister out of hand. Gerry Adams has a reasonable expectation that in a few years time, image problems with the murders he's commited and his ongoing leadership of the IRA terrorist mafia notwithstanding, he might actually attain the venerable and high office of Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland. Getting photographed with the American President this evening would have helped to create the illusion that Gerry Adams is a respected political figure. So that's what was in it for Gerry Adams. Hence the attempted gatecrashing. The reason President Barack Obama didn't allow Gerry Adams' gatecrashing to succeed at the White House is because President Obama is now in the final year of his Presidency and is concerned about his legacy. President Obama had no intention of allowing himself to be photographed with the leader of the IRA's parliamentary front organisation Sinn Fein, given that the IRA terrorist mafia has direct links to Al Qaeda, the Farc, the Zetas, MS13, Cosa Nostra, the Chinese Triads, the Russian Mafia, the devil worshipping Nigerian Mafias et al. (Particularly Al. I hate him.) Knowing that the IRA has links to every major criminal combine on the planet, and knowing that Gerry Adams is himself a murdering terrorist mafioso, President Obama made a measured and deliberate and discerning and wise decision not to be photographed with Gerry Adams. President Obama was also aware that Gerry Adams' IRA terrorist mafia was behind the collapse of Anglo Irish Bank, a bank owned by the IRA and which the IRA looted through illegal billion dollar loans to its fake businessmen proxies, a bank whose collapse put Ireland in the third world overnight. President Obama was further aware that the IRA had financed its front organisation Sinn Fein through the Northern Bank robbery in 1995, and through ongoing bank robberies, people trafficking, drug dealing, extortion and murder, since the 1990s. So tonight when Gerry Adams arrived at the White House to try and gatecrash the presentation of shamrock, President Obama had his security team detain him at the door for more than an hour as they "checked" his ID. Eventually Gerry Adams left the White House in high dudgeon. I find the whole thing simply hilarious. My life on you Barack. By the way Gerry Adams' underlings in Belfast murdered Robert McCartney in a pub for far less of an imagined indignity than happened to Gerry Adams at the White House this evening. Perhaps I've misjudged President Obama. And Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone. Except you Adams. I want you out of my country. And take your skang gangs and your jihadis with you. You snakes aren't Irish.


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