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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

old and wise

(celebrating 1916 with the Heelers Diaries)

An elderly priest hobbling across the quad at Newbridge College.
A 15 year old version of me watching his progress.
A bustling ball of robes breezes up behind me.
"Shouldn't yew be in yer class Jaaames?" he intones in rich Dublinese. "Whorr are yew doin hangin round here?"
It was Father Eddie Conway a well liked priest of youthful mien and character.
"I was wondering who that is?" I said pointing to the elderly priest. "He doesn't teach here, does he?"
Eddie shook his head.
"No, he's in retoyerament," quoth he. "But you know sumtin. That ould guy was in the GPO when Padraig Pearse and the lads walked in on Easter Monday 1916 and read the Proclamation."
"No way."
"Yes way."
"We've got to ask him about it."
"We've all taught o dat. We all want to know worr he saw. But he won't even talk abour ih. He tinks it's beher to lerr it rest. He won't talk. Not to us. And sairtinly not to you Joymes. Now gerr along to class."


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