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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

ireland's new governments

A Brief Guide...

For the third week in a row IRA skang gangs have been shooting up the streets of Dublin. With all the mayhem going on, it's hard to keep track of who's killing who. Here is the news. Disparate gangland factions in Ireland are all controlled and mentored by various factions of the IRA. Sometimes people get confused when IRA thugs from different gangs shoot each other. But whatever faction is doing the shooting, it's all Rah. The IRA own gangland in Ireland. Our brief but helpful guide will clear up the confusion though not the trash,

1. The first IRA shooting in Dublin in recent weeks involved a hit on the Kinahan drug gang who were staging a boxing match promotion at the Regency Hotel. The Kinahan mob is controlled by Ireland's main IRA faction, ie the one led by a terrorist mass murderer styled Slab Murphy, who is currently serving a twelve month pattycake sentence for tax evasion. Slab Murphy's IRA uses parliamentarian Gerry Adams and the Sinn Fein political party as proxies in the Irish parliament.

2, The second IRA shooting in recent weeks was the Kinahan mob's retaliation against the perpetrators of the earlier murder at the Regency Hotel. This retaliation was directed against the Hutch mob who are controlled by the IRA faction known as the Continuity IRA. The Hutch mob has recently bought residential property in my home town of Kilcullen and they've really brightened up our bucolic haven with their cheeky chappy personas and their nice shiny Audis. Sources claiming to be from the Continuity IRA, and using a Continuity IRA code word to validate their identity to reporters, have taken credit for the murder carried out by the Hutch mob at the Regency Hotel. The retaliation by the Kinahan mob featured the murder of a brother of the Hutch mob kingpin.

3. The third IRA shooting in recent weeks occurred yesterday. A mobster styling himself Vinnie Ryan was shot by persons unknown in a Dublin street. Vinnie Ryan's IRA faction is styled the Real IRA. It is not yet clear which IRA faction killed him.

These IRA skang gangs are the real rulers of Ireland. They earn a living by dealing drug poisons to the children of Ireland. They leech off the history of Ireland to pose as freedom fighters. The citizens of Ireland live in fear of them. The only thing they themselves fear is internment without trial in overseas prisons and the revocation of their Irish citizenship.


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