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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

the ghosts and the darkness

In the town of Newbridge near where I live, six people have died in unusual circumstances in the past two weeks.
A suicide cluster supposedly.
The deaths are not being reported in our newspapers or on radio or on television.
The dots are not being joined up.
Irish police tend to use any indicator of suicide as an excuse to do nothing.
Irish prosecutors on the rare occasions when they bother to review such cases, tend to do nothing anyway.
Irish judges have been corrupted by the IRA.
I say this.
If drug gangs terrorise someone and that person kills himself, his death is not suicide.
It is murder.
My sources assert that at least two of the deaths in Newbridge involved gangland.
So they're murders not suicides.
Murders at the hands of IRA mentored skang gangs who have seized control of towns and villages across Ireland.
Secret brotherhoods of evil in our midst deciding on a whim who may live and who may die.
The gangs have turned Ireland into a gilded execution chamber.
They hook our children on drugs.
They terrorise whole communities with impunity.
And they murder for sport.


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