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Thursday, March 24, 2016

today they said

For the third time in a week, a member of the IRA terrorist mafia's proxy parliamentary political party Sinn Fein has complained about being inconvenienced by security procedures at American airports. Aside from contributing mightily to the gaiety of nations at a time of great suffering in the world, the Americans treatment of Irish mobsters and their molls does raise some interesting points.
Mary Lou McDonald who styles herself deputy leader of Sinn Fein, complained that the Americans had subjected her to an invasive search. One wonders what might be genuinely considered invasive by a member of the IRA Sinn Fein mafia. I mean the mind boggles. But Mary Lou McDonald remained coy on the exactitudes of what she says she experienced. Her fellow party members who were "inconvenienced" earlier this week, were the gun runner Martin Ferris and the old torturer Gerry Adams himself who is the leader of the IRA. The words attributed to Mary Lou McDonald below have been culled from the Irish Times newspaper except for her final sentence which I made up.

Mary Lou McDonald: "We are not looking for special treatment but I would ask for myself as to why I would merit special security checks. Why would any member of Sinn Fein merit special security checks? The security checks were heavy handed and invasive. I will be raising concerns with the American ambassador about these invasive searches. Because nobody, but nobody, ----s with the Rah."

James Healy: "Invasive was it? As invasive as what you people did to Jean McConville? As invasive as what you people did to Robert Nairac? As invasive as what you people did to Robert McCartney? As invasive as what you people did to the families of all those human beings you kidnapped, tortured and murdered? As invasive as the Northern Bank robbery through which the IRA has funded its present expansion of Sinn Fein? As invasive as your institutionalised burglarisation of Anglo Irish Bank via illegal billion dollar loans to IRA fronts posing as businessmen? As invasive as your leeching off Ireland's history by hijacking celebrations of the anniversary of the 1916 Rising to promote your permanent bigot war with Britain? As invasive as your mentoring of skang gangs in every town and village in Ireland? As invasive as your Kinahane IRA skang gang? As invasive as your Hutch IRA skang gang which has recently invaded my hometown of Kilcullen to the not unalloyed pleasure of those of us who live here? As invasive as all the IRA skang gangs? As invasive as your poisoning children with drugs in every town and village in Ireland? As invasive as the thirty IRA members the Irish Independent newspaper claims are currently being investigated for child abuse? As invasive as your flooding of Ireland with Muslim immigrants as part of your people trafficking activities? As invasive as your use of multiple murdering mobster Whitey Bolger to subvert the FBI office in Boston while running guns into Ireland. As invasive as the IRA Sinn Fein alliances of convenience with Al Qaeda, Cosa Nostra, Chinese Triads, the Russian mafia, Nigerian devil worship rings, the Zeta cartel, Farc, and all the major international criminal organisations? As invasive as the IRA Sinn Fein infiltration and manipulation of Ireland's trade unions, Civil Service, broadcast media, and Judiciary. As invasive as the IRA Sinn Fein's malicious infiltration of community groups, prayer groups, local magazines and employment assistance organisations? As invasive as everything you and your thugocracy do? Is it just possible Mary Lou that the Americans, in common with everybody else, are getting tired of mobsters terrorising, torturing, murdering and ruling us from the shadows?"


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