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Thursday, March 17, 2016

the story of my quarrel with ann coulter sean hannity laura ingraham and mark steyn

These are the contemporary commentators I have most admired.
Ann Coulter for her robust and splendid loose cannon style espousal of high principles.
Sean Hannity for his brusque decency.
Laura Ingraham for her unmatched intellectual, spiritual and moral insight.
Mark Steyn as the master of modern prose in English language journalistic advocacy, a man whose orginality of thought (when he's not plagiarising me) is matched only by his courage.
Oddly enough I rate Hannity slightly higher than the others (though the others have greater pretentions to cerebrality) because in a particular instance he went bald headed trying to prevent a murder that was unfolding in plain sight before the eyes of the world.
A woman called Terry Schiavo had been left in a coma by an unknown assailant (not that unknown, high probability it was her husband). The husband was seeking a court order to prevent her family from feeding or caring for her. The family loved her and wanted nothing more than to care for her. The family had high hopes she might fully recover with such care. And people often do recover in such circumstances. But in any event, they just wanted to love her unconditionally as long as God allowed her to live. The husband's lies in claiming she was unresponsive to external stimuli were proven to be lies by footage of her smiling and reacting to her family. Whether she was responsive or not there was no excuse for a judge to let her husband murder her through the enforced withdrawal of care and feeding. But a Judge granted the order forbidding any care or feeding for Terry Schiavo.
Her estranged husband as I hinted above, is believed by the family and by some investigators to have feared that Terry Schiavo might otherwise have lived long enough to recover the power of speech and tell investigators whether or not it was her husband who had beaten her into a coma in the first place.
Her family at the time, loved her and were willing to look after her.
Her husband (a husband in name only) secured what amounted to a judicial execution order from the courts and Terry Schiavo was starved to death in a Florida hospital with doctors and police officers looking on to make sure none of her family attempted to feed her.
I say it again.
Terry Schiavo was murdered before the eyes of the world by her husband, by a Florida Judge, and by the hospital staff and police officers who betrayed their oaths to defend life, in order to let her die.
Monstrous isn't it.
But Hannity was the one who cut through all the obscurantist pseudo justificatons at the time, threw probity to the wind, and live on air urged Governor Jeb Bush or then President George Bush, to simply charge downtown to the hospital and issue an executive order that Terry Schiavo be fed and handed over to her family that loved her.
It didn't happen.
But it might have.
And Hannity made the play like no one else did.
So. in spite of his lack of certain stylistic flourishes, I'll always rate him higher than the rest.
Now to the present.
All four of these commentators whom I most admire are at this moment effectively endorsing the candidacy of Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee in the forthcoming American presidential elections.
Many of you will be aware that Donald Trump is claiming that President George Bush lied to bring about the Iraq War.
You will also know that I consider Mr Trump's claims about Mr Bush to be utterly false and malicious and a measure of the vacuous shamelessness of Mr Trump himself rather than a comment with any salient applicability to President Bush.
I would point out that Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Mark Steyn for the past ten years have argued loud and long to justify President Bush's direct actions against Saddam Hussein's murderocracy in Iraq.
Some of you will know that I have advocated similarly, to wit that it doesn't matter whether Saddam had weapons of mass destruction or not, that in any case the evidence more than bears out the fact that he did in fact have them, and that his removal from office and the removal of his sons Uday and Qusay amounts in itself to a complete justification for the intervention
By an odd twist for once I agree with the late great ultra leftist commentator Christopher Hitchens in regard to Saddam's Iraq. Mr Hitchens wrote that there were four justifications for intervention by the international community against a rogue dictatorship and that Saddam had fulfilled all four: (1) Adventurist wars against his neighbours; (2) Possession of chemical weapons and failure to account for their whereabouts as required by treaty, along with development of a clandestine nuclear weapons programme; (3) Exterminations of large segments of his own populace including the actual use of chemical weapons against the Marsh Arabs and against the Kurds. (4) Proven direct sponsorship of international terrorist actions and organisations including, in my own analysis, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and their various franchises.
It is also worth pointing out that in the immediate aftermath of  the liberation of Iraq as the official record states, the Libyan regime of Muammar Qadaffi contacted the United Nations through diplomatic channels, announced that it had been pursuing a clandestine nuclear weapons programme (ie one that no one knew about) and requested assistance in ending that programme.
So if President Bush had not taken action against Saddam's murderocracy in Iraq, we might now be facing not just Saddam Hussein with nukes, but Muammar Qadaffi with nukes as well.
That would have been a yewwwwj problem as Donald Trump might say.
Hilarious no.
I see no honorable possibility of accomodating Donald Trump's mischievous opportunism in any proper assessment of this matter.
I do not understand how Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Mark Steyn, can acquiesce to Trump's grotesque mendacious misrepresentation of reality unless they themselves admit to being utterly wrong in their analysis of the Iraq war and to having themselves deliberately lied in order to bring the war about.
This is a zero sum game.
The potential betrayals are legion.
If Mr Trump's allegation about President Bush is crassly wrong as I inist it is, then it is a contemptuous mockery of the very America Mr Trump wishes to manipulate into voting for him. It is a contemptuous mockery of our greatest war time President, George W Bush. It is a contemptuous mockery of all those heroes who have died for us in Iraq, Afghanistan and in every war zone of what is now a world wide Jihad against humanity.
And of course it is a contemptuous mockery of all of us who have in any way stood against the Jihadis of Arabia in this age of satanic islamic expansionism.
Listen Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Mark Steyn.
You don't abandon principle just because we're in a new election cycle and you like the cut of some pirate's jib.
If you acquiesce to Trump's lie, you are a part of it.
Do what you will.


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